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How to Boost Your CBD Business Online with Americanoize

CBD is nature - Influencer Marketing Agency - Americanoize
Well—now that you’re here, we can definitely start. As consumers study the advantages of CBD, many entrepreneurs have jumped into the fray with innovative CBD products. It is a competitive market, and lots of brands, big and little, are fighting to urge a bit of it. How are you able to beat the competition? It’s not legal altogether states, and even in states that let its use, the law is strict about how you’ll market CBD products. Your CBD marketing strategy must suit applicable...

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How To Make Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pie

Avocado Girl - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
Avocados actually are a superfood! Not solely do they make beautiful dips, but when utilized in baking, they can additionally make for some incredibly scrumptious pies! This creamy chocolate pie is so silky, smooth, and rich that you will not consider it your favorite fruit blended. Make this on your next get-together or the upcoming holidays for a crowd-pleaser that packs an additional punch. Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pie Recipe INFORMATION 6–8 servings Cook Time: 3 hours INGREDIENTS For the...

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How to Live in Harmony with Yourself

Ohm hand gesture yoga meditation - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
Perhaps one of the hardest goals in this life is the pursuit of inner harmony. Many have laid claim to the true path to harmony. Religion, consumerism, and philosophy all promise a life full of happiness, calmness, and serenity. In actual fact, if you think you’re ever going to achieve total inner harmony, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But while seemingly unattainable, you can still pursue inner harmony at every turn. We’re going to give you a few top tips to help you on your way to...

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This Is For The Singles On Valentine’s Day

No matter how many relationships you’ve been in, no matter how many single friends you’re surrounded by. The truth is that when you’re single, Valentine’s Day will hit you every once in a while, with its display windows around town covered with quotes about love and with the chocolate section in your favorite grocery store full of hearts and teddy bears celebrating the “day of love”. I remember that the first time I truly recognized the existence of Valentine’s Day was when I was in elementary...

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3 Essential Benefits of Growing Marijuana Plants at Home

Benefits of Marijuana - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
Three Essential Benefits of Growing Marijuana Plants at Home   If you reside in a state where growing cannabis is legal, you might be looking for high quality seeds to cultivate your marijuana. It has been analyzed that if growing marijuana was legal, 15% of U.S. citizens would give it a try. However, growing marijuana at home comes with many challenges. You might have noticed the extremely strong odor of cannabis, which can draw much attraction from neighbors and passer-by. Nonetheless,...

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5 Style Lessons Courtesy of The Golden Girls

Style lessons Golden Girls 1 - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
It was not my time or my country. The only American TV shows I watched when growing up in Mexico in the 80’s and 90’s were The Nanny and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (which I will discuss in an upcoming article). But, in more recent times, while staying in hotels and living in “The States,” I have come to know that insanely loved and cherished quartet better known as The Golden Girls. If I were to be honest, I would say that I have not watched a full episode or really know what it was about (well,...

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How to Start Your Influencer Business Without 10K

Eros Ramazzotti - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
Who better than you can express the feeling of your brand? You’ll have the power and creative control to directly communicate with your influencers your strategies and goals and decide together how to achieve them. I have been working with celebrities for more than 15 years. Do you remember when “Influencers” weren’t even a thing? Like when advertising on the internet was mainly in the form of pop-up ads and spam emails? I can’t say I miss those days — I love the...

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We all Should Learn How to ‘Hajime’

Hajime 1 - Giotto Calendoli - @giottocalendoli - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
  Hajime is the Japanese word for ‘beginning’ and Giotto Calendoli wanted to make clear that his very first exhibition also means a new beginning for him. A whole new Giotto who welcomes us at MIART Gallery, where the exhibition takes place. We are in Milan and outside it’s raining and it’s cold as if we didn’t already enter the spring. Inside the exhibition, it’s almost like being carried to a different time and place. Everything is bright: Giotto’s...

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Top 10 Most LGBT-Friendly Countries

lgbtq gay parade - Americanoize - Influencer Marketing Agency
Before we start, try guessing which these top 10 countries are and let us know if you got anything right. 10_ France & England. It’s funny thinking how these two always come together. Both France and England legalized same-sex marriage in 2013, and they have respectively 2 and three anti-discrimination laws. They also allow adoption and have recognized transgender rights. The annual London Pride is huge, and many cities in England have gay villages, in particular, Brighton. France, however,...

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Being a Woman Writer in a Male-Dominated Society: Bing Xin

bing xin - americanoize - influencer marketing - feminism
Bing Xin (1900-1999) was a woman of many “firsts” in modern Chinese society. Looking back at her childhood, you can tell that her particular educational background was very different from traditional education. An Introduction to Bing Xin Bing Xin lived in a very active cultural and intellectual environment and by no means limited by the traditional Confucian culture; from an early age, she could read some of the most famous novels from the Occident. Nevertheless, she never lacked...

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