How to Start Your Influencer Business Without 10K

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Who better than you can express the feeling of your brand? You’ll have the power and creative control to directly communicate with your influencers your strategies and goals and decide together how to achieve them.

I have been working with celebrities for more than 15 years. Do you remember when “Influencers” weren’t even a thing? Like when advertising on the internet was mainly in the form of pop-up ads and spam emails? I can’t say I miss those days — I love the Influencer Marketing world I live in today. You probably know that I have created Americanoize, and I make money giving brands opportunities to increase their awareness and sales. How? With the right strategy, I know you can do it.

That’s what I’m talking about. I know influencers. First days of 2021, I launched my “DIY: How to Run an Influencer Campaign” as a unique way brand can work and collaborate with influencers.


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True story: At that time, my company organized celebrity endorsements, product placements, fashion styling and oversaw the creative direction for many famous brands. We provided photoshoot for print magazines and were right in the middle of the action at red carpet events, movie premiers, and popular concerts. Being around all these fantastic people and venues inspired me and continues to do so today.

So naturally, my clients were both brands and celebrities. However, two particular needs needed to be addressed. The brand required visibility, which was leveraged through the celebs themselves, and the celebs needed clothing or fine jewelry to wear to their significant events. This resulted in celebrities signing huge endorsement deals with iconic brands, and the brands increase their audience reach due to the large following of that celebrity. It is a complete win-win situation that increased revenue and brand awareness across the board.

One instance during the Venice film festival was when one of my clients asked me to cancel my appointment with an extremely well-known celebrity to take care of a shy girl named Chiara Ferragni. At the time, I was baffled and could not understand why this made any sense at all. An appointment with an Iconic major celebrity changed to focus on someone else. To me, it was absolutely crazy. However, to my surprise, the next day, the “shy girl” was all over magazines and newspapers. Within 2 years, she became one of the top influencers in the world.

The system was breaking down!

What Brands Need to Know

I play the role of a middleman (a woman!) between brands and talent. I educate brands about how partnerships work, what to expect, and what really goes into a successful collaboration.

Where to Start Today

Maybe you don’t want to make a $10,000 collaboration deal with an agency (Americanoize) on the first try. But perhaps you can start a potential collaboration with Influencers.

You’re going to learn how to precisely identify the perfect influencers for your brand.
What tools you need to research specific influencers and how to use them. You need to make sure that influencer has the right audience and they are engaged. This is important because numbers mean nothing. An engaged audience means everything.

Next, you’ll learn how to actually reach out to the influencer in a way that gets their attention, their response and creates interest in your products. This is done using a proven method we use in actual emails and direct messages. In my course, I’m going to show you how to get them
to reach out to YOU.

You’ll learn how to join together with your influencer to create custom promo codes, giveaways, and contests to invite new customers to experience your brand and purchase your products, and how to measure the return of investment.

By the time you’ve finished this course, you will be able to manage an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish.

And remember, I’m going to be here with you every step of the way.

All you have to do is click the link below to get started. I’ll see you on the inside!


Andrea Angioli

Andrea Angioli

Andrea Angioli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Americanoize, an influencer marketing agency that specializes in the niches of luxury fashion, travel, beauty, and wellness.Hailing from an Italian family of directors and movie producers, Andrea has seen different sides of the entertainment industry. He works with celebrities for endorsement frequently for magazine shoots and manages over 10 international photographers.In the past, he has also worked on TV shows, photo campaigns, documentaries, adv photo shoots, music videos, and events.

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