5 Style Lessons Courtesy of The Golden Girls

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It was not my time or my country. The only American TV shows I watched when growing up in Mexico in the 80’s and 90’s were The Nanny and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (which I will discuss in an upcoming article). But, in more recent times, while staying in hotels and living in “The States,” I have come to know that insanely loved and cherished quartet better known as The Golden Girls. If I were to be honest, I would say that I have not watched a full episode or really know what it was about (well, the general idea is very self-explanatory – Sex and the City version 2 stages later), but I know them enough to know that they got some swagger! So, here are five trends that they mastered and that we should all be wearing this Spring:

1. Two Words: Shoulder Pads

Golden Girls Pads

Yes! The 80’s are back! I’ve even heard that perms might be back, but if you are not willing to risk it all for fashion then your safest bet is a nice pair of shoulder pads in your favorite blazer or shirt. Best of all is that they’re super flattering, so, ladies and gents, go raid your aunties closet!

2. Kimonos, Baby

Golden Girls Kimono

Every boring outfit can be cured with a nice printed kimono or kaftan. This will be the easiest way out of your typical everyday jeans and white t-shirt dilemma. Pair it up with some funky stilettos and you’ll be too sexy for Milan, New York, and Tokyo.

3. The Femme-Tux

Golden GIrls Femme Tux

Sorry Carrie Bradshaw but Dorothy Zbornak did it first, and in pastels, and with prints. #Shewins. But, you might wonder what would be the occasion to actually get to wear one of these amazing ensembles. Here are a couple of options for you: 1) Your BFF’s wedding (you’re the best man of course); 2) London Fashion Week and you’ll be on the conservative side; 3) To your only little party in which you can wear whatever you want; and 4) To a red carpet, I know we all get invited to so many!

4. Sequins! Yes!

Golden Girls Sequins

I’m particularly fond of these amazing shiny creatures. And even though I’m no fashion dictator and believe in personal style 100%, I do suggest to wear it in a more long-sleeved-for-the-day kind of situation. So forget your typical prom dress and use your sequins in a more relaxed tone. You can find amazing vintage dresses in a thrift store near you and can always pair it with cool sneakers.

5. Mom Jewelry

Golden Girls Jewelry

This is one of my favorite trends right now because clearly, I’m a maximalist. Diamond chandelier earrings? Check! Wear them with a band t-shirt and classic jeans. The half-hoop? Check! Pair them up with color sunnies or even better yet your “geek glasses” (even if you don’t need them, who cares?). It’s an outfit, sue me!

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