I Wish That I (was) Still Like The Cool Kids

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What happens when you discover that you’re not cool anymore (or probably never were)?

I felt a cool person, I liked to “dress differently”, I bought some clothes in “underground” stores and mixed them to have a “unique” style. I used to go to music festivals, I went to concerts of independent artists, I went to film festivals, fashion events, inaugurations of restaurants or nightclubs, in short what I think makes one “cool”.

Today I am a pre-adult, loving to be in my house watching Netflix, cooking, inviting some friends to dinner, and without any invitation to these events.

But what does this mean, I am no longer “cool”, I have become a boring person? Well we start by the definition of the dictionary for “cool”: awesome, popular; like in a social hierarchy, good or great. In short I do not feel less awesome or great, although maybe if something less “popular”.

It is difficult to remain in a state of being “cool”, I do not know, first of all you get tired, I could previously be in a nightclub at 6:00 am dancing get to sleep two hours at my house and have a new day as If nothing had happened. I could party Thursday, Friday and Saturday wishing that Sunday was also a “social” partying day and so on with an eternal battery and an endless hunger to party.

“Suddenly I found myself having dinner with friends on Thursday and needing the whole weekend to recover, in addition to that even though dinner ended at 11:00 pm, I felt so tired on Friday that I arrived late for work and I left just wanting to go to rest.”

Then it happens that most of my party partners are now probably as tired as me, or are engaged and enter a state of adherence in which they are one body and has its complications, a few have children and finally the most worrying : they still have plans and do not consider me for the party (hahaha).

So what happens when you “grow up”, maybe these plans do not interest you anymore, I admit that listening to such strong music for so many hours causes an intense migraine and wearing 12cm high heels definitely causes a pain in my back. But are those the reasons why I no longer feel “cool”?

I like to think that it’s not me who becomes a boring person, but the concept of being “cool” evolves when you grow up, it’s cool to see a full season of a Netflix series in two days, it’s cool to cook a Tomato soup or get excited because there are artichokes in the supermarket. It is very “cool” to buy underwear at Walmart or Target and not just sexy underwear at
Victoria’s Secret. It’s super cool to wait for the second season of “Planet Earth” because you love the voice of David Attenborough.

Anyway, I do many cool things, I use mom jeans with crop tops, rock shirts and the most comfortable tennis I can find. As junk food (although this should not do), I go out to dinner with friends and above all I LOVE to dance, which is sad because in Querétaro (city where I live) it seems that it is fashionable to do nightclubs without a dance floor, then the Now it’s dynamic to go to a place to stand, as everyone pushes you when you pass, so to justify myself, I’ll say that this is an excellent excuse for not going so much to party.

I have to admit that it is inevitable to lose the “endurance” as you grow up, I know certain people with a love for the party I respect, they are like the Peter Pan’s of the party, and I do not doubt that their weekends must be full of adventures and anecdotes, but clearly I am not a Peter, if you send me a message at 11:00 pm, it is very likely that I will see it the next day.

“Well I do not want to sound too dramatic, what I want to help me understand is that I’m still a “cool” person just doing different things. It is true that I am no longer part of the slam at a concert, or I spend 3 days of celebration but there is nothing of this in the definition of “cool” that we studied at the beginning, no?”

My invitation for today if, like me, you are in that age where you feel like “in the middle”, that is, you are not in puberty but not in adulthood-adult or post-adult, do not discourage, many “coolness” will come for you, you have not lost your “touch”. Accept and embrace your days of watching Netflix, look forward to do things that enrich other parts of you, exercise (something that until yesterday I started doing), learn to cook something that you love, learn another language or if you do not want to go that far go watch a series or movie in another language (I recommend DARK on Netflix, it’s in German and it’s excellent so watch it and “genieße deine Reise in der Zeit” – enjoy your journey in time – I wanted to sound like a pro but I obviously used the translator). Enjoy your children if you have them, your partner or if you are single enjoy yourself, organize cultural plans and party, the worst thing that can happen is that you need all Sunday to rest watching something and eating junk food.

By the way, in case you you are wondering, now I write on Fridays, I like to think that you will have the whole weekend to carry out all the things to which I invite you, but then this is me being very presumptuous and assuming that you waited for my article on Wednesday or that you heed my advice (hahaha).

Ahí nos vemos!

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