What I Wish People Had Told Me About The Gym

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I remember that the first time I even just considered going to the gym I thought it sounded weird coming from my mouth.

I have never been into sports. I was never the type of person you would think would enjoy something like going to the gym. But little did I know: I ended up loving the time I spend there.

Every time tabloids and media talk about fitness or being healthy in general, especially when it comes to advertise environments like the gym, they usually end up portraying someone who’s just exceptionally athletic, in shape or that just doesn’t look like someone I would see myself in. And I don’t think that’s fair to most of the people that go and like going to the gym.

The first time I walked in, I literally thought I would feel like an outsider. I thought everyone would stare at me because I didn’t look like what I expected would be the regular goer of the place.


But now, whenever I go, I feel better. I realised that it doesn’t matter how I look like. We are all there for the same reason and that is, to feel better about ourselves.

The pressure on our body portrayed on magazines and media is not necessarily reflected on people who likes working out. People are focused on their gym sessions and they’re not going to judge you if I don’t look sporty enough, thin enough or healthy enough, because that’s the whole point of feeling healthy, of feeling good about yourself: feeling okay with yourself and no one else is involved. I wish someone would have told me before, because that’s what counts the most.

There are different types of people in any kind of place and the gym is not an exception. I am not athletic, I am not thin, I am not fat, I’m just me but I never felt more confident than how I feel whenever I step into that building, so why would I have ever thought I couldn’t go there because I wouldn’t fit in?

I know it’s cliché to say you shouldn’t care about what other people think, but the truth is we feel judged in any environment – from the place we work at to the high school classroom we grew up in-, and since I needed someone to tell me I wouldn’t be judged while working out, I wanted to share these thoughts with you and tell you: it doesn’t matter the way you look or how dedicated you feel about fitness, if you think you’d enjoy working out, just do it for yourself.

I love to choose what to wear before going to the gym, I love to sweat my days off and I love the feeling I get whenever I get in the shower after a good workout. I don’t necessarily feel like I need working out for my body, but it’s definitely worth for my mind and I would have never known that if I wouldn’t have given it a try.

Today I feel lazy. It’s a lazy Monday so I feel like I’d deserve a day in. But since it’s raining outside and if I don’t go out for the gym I am definitely not going out at all, I am about to wear my favourite workout outfit and go wake myself up. I am sure it will make me feel better and eventually I will get everything done more easily.

I love going to the gym even if I don’t “look like” someone who loves going to the gym. But if you’ve ever thought that about yourself, don’t let it stop you from something that could make you happy.

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