Why I Always Have a Go-To Purse

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Natalie Barletta

I don’t know about you all, but I am a huge fan of purses. Purses, in my opinion, are perhaps the most functional items in all of fashion. After all, that’s where you store everything — your wallet, your keys, your Chapstick, and if you’re a writer like me, your notebook.


dooney 4 pursesWhile I interchange purses pretty regularly, I have one that I consider to be a go-to. That purse is my black Dooney and Bourke nylon shopper tote bag. The purse was a Christmas gift from my mother when I was a junior in college. A little over three years later (and one year since I left campus), the purse is still one that I use all of the time. I like it because I can fit a lot in into it, including my iPad, a notebook for class, or some snacks if I know that I am going to have a long day.


longchamp purses

And, what’s awesome about that purse is that it’s a neutral color and goes with whatever I’m wearing that day. I typically use my purses for months at a time, therefore, it’s important to me to have one that goes with everything.
Therefore, I think it’s important for everyone to have at least one purse that they can always count on. For me, it’s my Dooney, but it can mean a number of other things for others. It can be that small burgundy purse that you always use to go out with. Or, it can be the Longchamp tote that you’ve had for, well ever.

dooney 1 pursesThese purses are functional, because you can always count on them, but they are classics. They are always going to be in style, and therefore, they will be something you can have in your closet for years. Honestly, that’s the reason why I justify spending a bit more on one of these. Since I know I’m going to have them for a long time, I know it will be worth every penny.

My experience with this tote bag has led me down a full fledged love affair with Dooney and Bourke. I’ve used Dooney and Bourke purses in the past, but with this purse, I quickly became a Dooney and Bourke queen with six bags of all sizes and a wallet. And, each and every one of those purses maintains that same quality that my original purse did.

So, while you prepare for the bright colors that spring fashion may bring, be sure to get a few classics in your accessory wardrobe as well. You’ll be thanking yourself for years to come.

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