Why I Actually Liked the American Idol Reboot

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For those of you who know me, I am not a huge fan of watching a lot of television. I’m the type of person who would much rather read a book then watch a screen. Needless to say, unlike many of my millenial peers, I have not seen classics such as Parks and Recreation, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.
However, I did find myself tuning into the reboot of the new American Idol. Honestly, I think part of the reason why was because judge Luke Bryan is my celebrity crush, but I digress. I knew going into this that the show would be more for nostalgic purposes of the 2002 original, but I still thought I should check it out.
Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised about it and found myself enjoying it. The format is reminiscent to the original so far. The judges held auditions in several cities, including Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York City. Singers had to sing in front of the judges, and had to get their consensus before getting that “golden ticket.”

American Idol 1While some singers were simply outstanding and talented, others simply were more entertaining. Sometimes, I think the ones that aren’t so good are the ones that make you laugh — especially the singers that think they’re good, but really aren’t. Their reactions when they find out that they aren’t getting to go to Hollywood? Classic.
Furthermore, what I thought was cool is that the show showed clips of past winners. Carrie Underwood opened the show with a voiceover about her experiences in the show, as well as her journey since then. Other winners such as Jordin Sparks also made an appearance.
But, I will say this. This version of the show is so much more nicer than the original. I mean, part of the reason why we all tuned in to the original so we can all hear Simon Cowell’s blunt and nasty digs because they were downright entertaining.

American idol 3
I will note this. This version, however, has more of a softer approach. For example, whenever a singer that wasn’t so great came in, they would give them some advice such as “maybe you should go to Broadway.” That’s a far cry from Cowell telling a contestant that while “they are beautiful, they are still ugly” or telling someone that they sound like “Dolly Parton on helium.” Ouch, that still burns.
With that being said, I still thought that the judges made a good team and were still entertaining. After all, they managed to hold my interest for the entire duration.

American idol 2
But, while it’s the first night, I still think that I’ll be tuning in a lot this season to the show. I’m curious to see how closely it will mirror the original–I already found some people that I wanted to cheer for.

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