White After Labor Day? Why Not?

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Fashion 101 tells you that wearing white after Labor Day is a definite no-no. Reasons? Some argue white garments are too light and airy for the crisp, oftentimes cold climate changes beginning in the fall. Others continue the climate theme stating that white conflicts with the colors around them. Not a good look to wear white amid a burnt auburn scene or, worse yet, get camouflaged when surrounded by snow. Finally, there are those that find white too hard or boring to combine with other colors while proving immensely problematic to clean.

Fear not. In an age where traditional fashion guidelines are creatively manipulated rather than totally dismissed, white after Labor Day should not be held in contempt but fully embraced. Keep in mind that white, although a seemingly clear concept, has many shades making its use quite versatile.

Now, the strategy. The easiest way to implement white is through accessories. Go ahead and follow the tradition; yet, having a white accessory—handbag, belt, jewelry, sunglasses, headband, etc.—or wearing white shoes will make an opaque, dimmed outfit pop. If feeling a bit more adventurous, then choose an outfit accentuated with white. Examples include a beige suit, white shirt or a color-paneled dress that carries a strong outer color and an inner white panel. For the real rebels out there, go with a full white, straight-cut garment such as a white trench coat over a rich color piece. Note that this should not only apply to women. A white twill jacket, white jeans/slacks, or even white sneakers all give a guy’s wardrobe a year-round impact.

The emphasis remains clear: white is an appropriate color to use at any time. The fashion conventions are there, but should you choose not to follow this turn of the century norm created by women who wanted to “distinguish” themselves from the masses, then go ahead, run counter to it. And whether or not climate changes occur where you live (Miami is eternally summer. Los Angeles, too.), follow your own fashion sense and incorporate white whenever you deem fit to do so.

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