What We Do

We provide Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We help our clients to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. First we understand and establish the desired activity goal:

  • Do you want to increase your awareness?
  • Do you want to have a more tangible action (e.g. drive users to your e-commerce)?

We will help you do that – and most importantly – help you report tangible metrics.


Influencer Content Marketing

Content is king in social media and the key for Influencers to differentiate themselves from each other among their audiences. Influencers are communicators who open doors to universes of loyal followers can easily and organically amplify messages, stories, establish or further develop images, connecting brands and individuals at each posting.

At Americanoize, we connect brands with their best matching influencers: from the fresh/new voices, the “on their way” personalities, the already known characters, and the well-established and experienced influencers, that will incorporate your product/service into their everyday lives.

We also provide content through our own digital magazine to promote brands, products and services with relevant and creative storytelling, voiced by an influencer, based on authenticity.


Influencer Event Marketing

Exhibiting at an event or trade show is all about creating buzz and getting your brand as much exposure as possible. Where other traditional means of marketing fail, Influencer Marketing offers the perfect mix of benefits:

  • Targeting followers within your niche
  • Promoting to a highly engaged audience
  • Displaying your brand outside of your own reach
  • Gaining trust by brand association with the influencers
  • Getting great returns on your investment

In today’s world, exhibiting at an event without Influencer Marketing is essentially giving the competition an advantage.

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