What Is It Like To Be An Influencer?

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That was the question posed to me.  I guess I would have to say, it started with being an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper first.  I mean, who doesn’t love shopping?  And yes, I know there are those that love on-line shopping, I’m just not one of them!  Anyway, as a Personal Shopper, I get to take my clients out shopping and help them pick out beautiful outfits that inspire them.  As an Image Consultant, I meet with my clients and we talk about how to improve either their appearance, wardrobe or lives, and I’m proud to say, they always leave happy!

Next, I just took all that and brought it on-line in my blogs. Blogging to me is a wonderful way to express my feelings and share with my followers my love of fashion and personal development.  When I start blogging, sometimes I know exactly what I am going to write about, and other times, I don’t know until I am sitting in front of my laptop and I am inspired by something I saw or just read about. That is the beauty of blogging.

And that holds true for all my posts on all my social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I have been told by so many people that my posts make them happy, that they love them and that they look forward to seeing them every day.  And that makes me happy knowing I am putting something positive into the Internet Universe versus all the toxic posts that are out there these days.

And then she became an influencer.  Then one day someone sent me an e-mail asking if I’d like to promote their product on my Instagram page, and I thought, why not?  It was a product I liked and was pretty sure my followers would like it and so I did.  And then someone else asked me the same question, and so on.

To date, I have worked with a variety of brands, including jewelry, clothes, makeup, wine and skin-care products.  Some I get paid for, some I get product for, some I get both.  I feel it is a win/win situation.  I help the brand out with advertising and promoting their product, and in return I get the product and/or money (which is a beautiful thing).

I have two new upcoming campaigns, one is for a food company, and the other is a designer who makes funky sweaters.  That’s another thing I like about being an influencer, I get to meet (even though it’s on-line) so many different people from all over.  And I enjoy helping spread their word and promoting their product!

And day in the life of an Influencer, unpredictable at best!

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