Weird Beauty Trends Around the World

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This saying has been proven absolutely true by some of the strangest beauty trends existing around the world. Although the conventional market for beauty products is worth $ 260 million, thousands of people consider beauty in terms of very bizarre standards. It might seem to you that extensive piercing tattoos are something quite unusual. Well, it is nothing when compared to what I am going to jot down below. People in various parts of the world follow some really unusual beauty tricks!

What are they? Just read on…

Crooked teeth

When it comes to dental beauty, straight teeth is expected to be a standard trend. It is considered one of the prominent components of a perfect smile. Right? Well, not everyone thinks that! Young women in Japan prefer to go for crooked teeth instead. There’s a unique practice there to be known by the name of ‘yaeba’. In this case, they use braces to make their teeth look a little more crooked than naturally intended ones.

Heart shaped fringes

One of the buzzing trends in Korea is to style the fringes in a unique way. They tie them in the shape o a heart on their forehead. It might seem to be weird to you and me, they love this way too much. All that they do is use a curling iron and a lot of hairspray skills to go for such a hairstyle. The final styling looks like an upside down heart. Moreover, even the celebrities like Kendall Jenner is going for this trend to accentuate its popularity like never before!


Maori Tattooing

It is a strange beauty trend which is existing in New Zealand. Maori tattooing gives a clear indication of status in girls. What does it mean?  Well, it is nothing but facial tattoos. As they consider head as the purest part of the body, this tattooing is considered as very prestigious for women of chiefly rank. People organize a ceremony while doing this tattooing at the time of puberty. It is considered the entry of womanhood and being beautiful.

Candle therapy

How would you feel if your hair goes up in flame while blowing the birthday candles? Ridiculous! Right?Well, Brazilians don’t think so. It is, in fact, one of the most spectacular beauty trends in Brazil right now. Victoria Ceridono, the editor of Vogue Brazil, believes that this process is actually great for hair. Brazilians believe that if you wave a lightened candle under your locks, it will cauterize the hair. Thus, there will be no breakage and split ends. What they do follow by this step is chopping off the already existing split end strands and going for a multivitamin treatment.

Pure White Henna

Do you love henna? It is definitely a pretty beauty concept which is existing for many years. However, girls in UAE are nowadays opting for white henna instead of black one. Sara Vazir, an artist from Pakistan, made this henna very popular in Dubai. Next, Huda Kattan, a famous beauty blogger of that region, accentuated this beauty trend through her Instagram. Finally, it is buzzing now!

Extended Earlobes

In southern Kenya, the Maasai tribe considers stretched earlobes as an ultimate representation of beauty. The longer their earlobes are, the prettier they will be. Maasai girls use a variety of tools to create such a look which includes stones, elephants tusks etc.

Rubber Masking

In Korea, girls use rubber masks on their faces to make their skin look radiant. Past a few years, this trend even became popular enough in the USA. A mask made up of something as elasticized as rubber might seem to be weird to many people, yet it’s beneficial. It contains a wide array of amazing ingredients like collagen, vitamin, mineral, tea tree, calendula etc. So, it really makes skin glowing!

Scalp Botox

Who doesn’t know about Botox? It’s been decades that we are using that for chilling our faces. Also, it has become an easier concept now with the help of injections. Now, what might seem to be weird to you is the scalp botox which is used by women in the UK. They get their head botoxed to prevent excessive sweat in the scalp. It is basically done to keep their hairdo perfect!

Aren’t these beauty trends extremely uncanny?

However, they are interesting enough! So, if you want to go a bit out of the box, you can follow these exclusive trends to look different.


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