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Here we are! That time of the year is finally arrived and the festive season is calling for parties, dinners and nights out.

What to wear in order to feel feminine but also shining like a star becomes a must for lot of women, who pursue an idea of refined but contemporary beauty.

Sensual, luxurious but also artistic and special are feelings that every woman want to feel and being able to wear clothes and dresses that help you is like having a powerful ally in your closet.

Garments have to be a manifesto, they have to express yourself without words.

This is why Matteo Manzini Milano is a brand to watch. Is the best upcoming label you can wear during this holiday season.

As Matteo himself declared, his dresses and outerwear are conceived as versatile occasional garments that can also be used in everyday contexts, all strictly Made in Italy in a celebration of the female body, sensuality and modernity.

Graduated at Central Saint Martins Institute in London, Matteo Manzini was a stylist for renowned magazines, like L’Officiel and Glamour, fashion designer for Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria and he started creating customized dresses for celebrities. After all these jobs for others, Matteo decided to give birth to his own label Matteo Manzini Milano.

He jumped to the honor of the news during the red carpet of the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia in September 2016, where his audacious and colorful dresses worn by Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello have been everywhere around the globe. A beautiful example of young, provocative and and playful brand!

His Fall/Winter 2017-2018 is a celebration of the 70s with lot of tweed, geometric prints and also floral with vibrant shades for a total of 35 pieces. Key piece is the velvet kimono, unique and high level. The creative process of each piece is personally followed by Matteo, from the draft to the modeling passing by the research of materials all in the name of the purest Made in Italy.

The pieces of the past Spring/Summer are also very actual for a New Years Eve party, with a deep sensual and ultra-feminine touch.

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