Do You Wanna Get High with Pop Corn?

 In Americanoizing

Popcorn is commonly touted as a lightweight and healthy snack, however with its distinctive edibles, Yummi Karma is dramatically altering popcorn for health. What sets the brand’s Butter & Salt and White Cheddar varieties aside is that they’re made with medical cannabis, containing 50 milligrams of THC.

In addition to offering people with alternative ways to medicate and heal themselves, Yummi Karma units itself aside by creating meals products that may be seamlessly integrated into one’s current daily routines. In recent times, cannabis has become a key ingredient in lots of food and beverage products, as shoppers now need gentler methods to expertise the benefits of the pure plant.

Along with a line of tinctures, Yummi Karma additionally makes different snack products with medical cannabis, such as potato and tortilla chips.

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