Visiting the Rain Forest in Ecuador

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This week we write you from Vilcabamba, in south of Ecuador, a small city famous for the longevity of the people because of the healthy food and fresh spring water of the mountains around that surrounds the valley.

We are working as volunteer in Finca Verde, a permaculture farm runned by Mike, 2 hours of car from Vilcabamba. here we are enjoying the peace of the contact with nature. There are no cars, no internet, but sounds of birds and crickets 24 hours a day, we walk a lot, we eat healthy delicious food that we prepare and we sleep so deeply that we dream all nights! We work hard since early morning, but we love it because we are learning a lot: here we are putting into the field all the knowledge of our permaculture course and Mike is teaching also the value of producing always new seed, the relevance of preparing a good compost, the importance of creating zoning and edges so plants animals and men can thrive together.

One of Permaculture principles is to become sustainable 100%, so this is also the goal of Finca Verde: there are corn and coffee plantations, fishes pools, several nurseries, growing beds, bee keeping, composting areas, a food forest, it is a huge property!
We are understating here that for running a so rich land you need a community where everybody can give a contribution in skills and hand work, working team is the base of succes!

In Finca Verde there is also a learning corner with many classes about different topics and a lot of permaculture design books we can read or consult!

Gardening is cheaper that therapy, and you get tomatoes!!

But the most important lesson we are taking here is to get easy and patience, following the rhythm of life growing! We practice meditation everyday, listen to the sound of rain, preparing our own food, we are connecting with the spires, life and nature has their own timing and space, it is less stressful adapt to them instead of trying to accelerate everything faster and bigger! We recommend to anybody stressed up that want to connect and get out of the crazy life even for just 10 minutes a day, to buy a few seeds and taking care of it, observe your plants growing little by little every day, watering, and you ‘ll feel a great satisfaction just getting the fruit of your work. No matter the scale, if you take care of earth, respecting and feeding with the right stuff, Mother Earth will give you back some fruit to feed you, just be patience!

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