Friday Interview With Vesta Lugg

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Vesta is a Chilean-Canadian Actress and Singer. She started her TV career at 10 years old when she was casted on the teen tv series “BKN” which she continued on for 7 years and a total of 6 seasons. She has dedicated most of her life in working in the entertainment industry where she has built a strong following based on her personality, talent and
professionalism along side her individual sense of style. This has positioned her as a top “influencer”, singer and Fashion Icon due of her unique and rule-breaking fashion choices.

She is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Additionally she is frequently traveling to Latin America
for campaigns and brand placement with company’s like Samsung, Mac Cosmetics, Hyundai and Pantene, which
she represents in the Latin community.

What’s your favorite movie?

Any super hero movie

Favorite TV show that’s currently on?

How to get away with murder.

iPhone or Android?


Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. Always! Do it for the Gram!

What do you love on your pizza?

Pineapple and pepperoni

Favorite solo artist?

Neon Hitch. Her songs are like poetry.

Favorite song?

Midnight Sun by Neon Hitch

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Rescued, of course.

What’s your favorite country to visit?

Italy! Why? -Food and great coffee!

Diamonds or pearls?


Heels or flats?

Heels. Even at airports.

Pilates or yoga?

Neither. I’ll take a run through forest any day.

Your favorite emoji?

The clown emoji. It makes no sense and I love using it to reply to texts I don’t know what to say to.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Create more hours in a day. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

What’s the weirdest word in the English language?


What’s your favorite flower?

Sun flowers

When was the last time you cried?

My childhood dog passed 2 weeks ago, She lived an awesome 14 years of life filled with love.

Do you like your handwriting?

I used to. I write all my songs in a notebook. I can’t do it on a computer.

Favorite season?

Fall in Paris.

Hugs or kisses?

Kisses. Hopefully the chocolate ones.

Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

Beatles. Blackbird is my favorite.

Where were you born?

Ottawa, Canada. BRRRRR

Favorite bedtime story?

My dad used to make them up. They usually involved animals.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

“She went mad and she loved it”

Favorite sound?

The coffee machine notifying you it’s ready

Favorite animal?

My dogs

Last photograph you took?

The view from my new LA apartment by the water.

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