Trend Tartan: 4 Outfits For The Cold Season

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How to wear the tartan? How to make a fashionable look? Here are some outfits to embrace

You know that the tartan is the trend? You know that the plaid fabric is perfect for facing the cold season, and with this you can create different types of look from day to evening, more formal or more casual, all respectful of your personality? This plot to the paintings, usually declined in the shades of red, but also available in bottle green, grey, pink and blue, is ideal to have an outfit in the winter and stylish, to show off always, even during the Christmas holidays.

How to match it? How to make your look truly unique and exclusive? We thought we’d give you some style advice and show you a few outfits to copy to have no doubt and succeed in your business. At the bottom of the tartan is one of the fashion trends of the autumn/winter and more often it is repeated then it is good to be prepared.

Outfit with dress tartan

The easiest way to wear tartan is to choose a beautiful dress featuring this fabric, or embellished with this print, checkered and plaid. Of available models there are and how many we want, from the classic sheath dress with or without sleeves up to the flared or long down to the feet. Usually, you choose always the shortest, or the average, because dressing up is just a red paintings, or declined in other colors, like all.

However, in the case of a mini-dress tartan we recommend you to match it to the tights, very opaque, preferably black, but also green, blue, or dark grey, or a legging. You could also bet on a type of stocking veiled, but not too much, as long as it is characterized by some decoration, like polka dots or squiggles.

The outfit with the dress tartan is full of ankle boots, low style, biker boots, a nice coat, and in this case it is fine for a cape, and some jewelry, like a nice collar jewel.

The pants Scottish

The trousers are tartan is entered a long time ago a part of our wardrobe but they are only a few women who like to show it off. The point is all the imagination in the graph, which is not good at all, but if you find the model that is most suitable to you, know that this match is very simple.

You can usually find it in red, with contrasts in black and so it is unthinkable to coordinate with a sweater, a pullover of cotton yarn, or a black shirt, very simple and clean. Also, white can be good but it’s too old. If the pants are in shades of green, bets on a top of dark blue color.

At the foot, we are talking about a pair of pants that probably is straight or skinny, this time, we recommend the pump with narrow tip, while between the hands, and it is good to tighten up your leather handbag or fabric, characterized by metal elements. Never forget a pretty necklace to give light to the upper part, which coordinate a bracelet.

Look with scarf tartan

Certainly, the complement of the most beloved, well-known and that we all have in our wardrobe is the scarf, the tartan. Impossible to do without it, and if you don’t like dress up of only squares Scottish but want to be trendy, this is definitely the accessory for you.

How to wear it? Just wrap it around the neck and let it fall from the sides or forward so very random. To this, if you want, you can coordinate a beautiful bag available in dark red and match the whole look norm core, then white shirt, jeans and blazer, gray or black.

You can also pair your stole tartan to a little black dress or a denim shirt or even a pullover with the plot of this Christmas. To make it slightly more unique, you could also pair a nice hat, felt wide brim, which is black, or camel. What do you think?

Look with a skirt tartan

An urban chic style with the tartan you can do that by wearing a skirt tartan and the one that we recommend is mainly that dress, or pencil skirt. It is perfect to go to university but also to go to work and, as the tartan is on-trend, you can also wear it in your free time.

How to pair it? It is very simple, because you can choose either a t-shirt with printed, written or plain, and add a cardigan when it gets cold.

The leather jacket lends itself well to the style of grunge but also a coat or a blazer, ideal for a more formal look and sophisticated, it should be fine.

Shoes décolleté are always very feminine but the boots, especially the ankle boots in black leather are definitely better to complete this outfit. These you’ll have to match the bag, which may also be of a contrasting color. Finish everything with a make-up but decided not too dark.

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