Traveling in Style While on a Budget is Possible

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Traveling in Style While on a Budget is Possible

Contrary to belief, you can definitely travel in style even when you’re on a budget. You don’t have to scrimp on everything like food and accommodation just so you can experience everything there is on offer abroad. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to budget your expenses, but that you don’t have to deprive yourself of the things that make your trip worthwhile.

Here are tips on how you can have fun in your travels while you’re on a budget.

Choose a budget airline

It all starts with your plane ticket expenses. Most flights have become quite expensive lately as fuel prices have gone up. Thankfully, there are ways to save big on your tickets, one of which is to choose a trusted budget airline. You can book your flight well in advance, avoiding peak seasons so that the prices aren’t in a premium. Make sure that your flight schedule is flexible just in case you don’t get to book your preferred date and time.

There are airlines that also offer sales every now and then, you might want to take advantage of those, especially round-trip ticket discounts.

Decide on your accommodation

For budget travelers, the default is to book hostels to save on accommodation. You can still do this if you want to, but determine first what kind of trip this is going to be. If this is to be a relaxing holiday when you’ll probably be in your hotel most days anyway, then splurging on a hotel can be an option. However, if you’re planning to take tours and explore the majority of the time, you may want to choose rentals or Airbnb. Rentals are a viable option because the price is significantly more affordable than hotels, depending on the location.

Hostel prices have increased quite a bit recently, but just like some hotels, they offer promos that you can take advantage of.

Consider a campervan road trip

Another way to save is by renting a camper van. You won’t have to worry about your accommodation and your transportation very much because your campervan basically functions as both. Right now, you might be worried about fuel expenses, but for countries like Australia, they offer van relocations which come with a free fuel allowance.

Relocation is offered when a rental company needs to transport one van in warehouse A to warehouse B. So they offer very cheap renting prices for travelers who would like to do the relocation during their trip. You can book one for as low as AUD 1 a day.

Eat as the locals do

As a rule, never deprive yourself of good local food. In fact, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of a place is to taste the local delicacies, treats you wouldn’t find in your home country. It’s a good thing that most local hole-in-the-wall restaurants are very affordable and satisfying. If you’re staying at a rental, you may cook your breakfast and/or dinner, and then just dine out during your tour. However, if you’re in a hotel, it’s best to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast, and then dine out for both lunch and dinner because it’s significantly more budget friendly.

These tips will ensure that you’re still getting the most out of your trip even if you’re sticking to a budget. Keep these in mind the next time you plan your next great trip.

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