Top Mobile Apps Trends of September

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With the back to school season in full swing, the September mobile apps trends reveal an increase within the variety of resources for college kids, particularly college-aged children who’ve grown up utilizing their telephones to meet most of their primary needs.

In terms of apps for today’s college students, dating platforms are in hot demand. Not limited to Tinder, niche dating apps such as Cuddli, which connects these with ‘nerdy’ interests, are serving to college students of all background discover their perfect match.

On top of matchmaking apps, the September 2017 mobile apps trends also reveal a demand for monetary tools that may helping college students manage their spending and saving. One example is the ChangEd app, which deducts spare change from transactions and places that cash towards the person’s scholar loans. Check all the Top 5 Apps out!

1. The RaiseMe App

The RaiseMe app is a new way for high school students to earn money for college. The app works by connecting students to scholarships they might not have known about and these scholarships can be for seemingly normal things, like taking AP classes or volunteering in the community.

2. The ChangEd App

The ChangEd app is designed to help people pay off student loans using their spare change. The spare change is collected by rounding up purchases. Users link their bank accounts to the app and every time a transaction is recorded the app rounds it up to the nearest dollar; even dollar transactions are rounded up an extra buck. When a user hits $100 in spare change roundups the ChangEd app sends a payment to their student loan servicer.

3. The Cuddli App

Dating apps have made it incredible easy for even the most introverted person to find love, a concept which is solidified though ‘Cuddli’ – an app aimed at helping connect people with “nerdy” interests. Just like other dating apps, Cuddli uses GPS services to locate potential matches within a close proximity. Users can also upload interest icons onto their profile to give potential dates a more accurate depiction of a their interests.

4. Blippar ‘Halos’ App

Blippar ‘Halos’ introduce an all-new way for app users to build dynamic Augmented Reality Face Profiles that are powered by real-time facial recognition technology. Blippar established itself as a unique visual discovery app that uses augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect users to the physical world around them. With the aid of the app, users are able to scan real-world objects in order to learn more.

5. The Futurospective App

Time capsules pique curiosity in an interesting way, and Futurospective brings that intrigue into the digital realm. The app serves as a smartphone-based time capsule, letting users record videos that then get buried, so to speak, until a predetermined time in the future. The interesting thing about time capsules is that, in theory, people know exactly what they’re putting into them. Of course, in practice people forget quickly, and that’s what makes time capsules so appealing.

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