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Yes, we know, Summer is almost over and we are back to our working/studying reality. The next vacations seem so far away and what is left are just some #ThrowBack… Luckily for you, here at Americanoize we dug up the best pics on Instagram following the #Traveladdicted hashtag and found the best posts of Travelers around the world. Here you are Top 5 most talented Influencers in this field.

List Of Our Top Influencers for #Traveladdicted hashtag

  1. @travelgram_olga

Her motto’s “Life is full of colors, don’t make it monochrome!” and it is reflected throughout all her posts!

  1. @boboandchichi

Scott and Meghan are Travel Bloggers specializing in Hyperlapse. They are currently in Czech Republic and if you follow them, you will fall in love with their pics!

  1. @kjerstihoogenbosch

Kjersti is a Norwegian/Dutch Travel Influencer. She is a real traveladdict and if you are missing the sun, this is the right profile to follow!

  1. @theclumsytraveler

Sebrin, aka The Clumsy Traveler is a Travel & Lifestyle Blogger and also a Storyteller. Follow her journeys around the world to feel better!

  1. @mr_maurox

Mauro Catarinella is an Industrial engineer with the passion for travels. Her colorful pics will make you feel less sad when you look out your office window!

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