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We could argue that fashion is a proper art. Being able to combine colors, textures and different materials is a true gift. Even more difficult tough, is to post a beautiful pic on Instagram! That is why here at Americanoize we have selected the Top Influencers #Fashionartist that are hot on this social media right now! Have fun checking them out!

List Of Our Top Influencers for #Fashionartist hashtag

  1. constantin.prozorov

Constantin is a Berlin-based fashion artist and digital content creator for fashion brands. His iconic and colorful pics are like cherries, you will not be able to stop eating them with your eyes!

  1. doll_memories

Ira Comleva is an illustrator and “Creative Soul”. Her Instagram account follows the theme “When Art Meets Fashion” and she also sells her art on Etsy.

  1. pepemunozillustrations

Pepe Muñoz is a Self-taught illustrator from Malaga, Spain. His drawings are amazing and if you fall in love with his art like we did, you can contact him for originals and prints!

    1. fafa_fafeto94

Fafa is a libyan girl from Tripoli who shares her drawings of fashion silhouettes and barbie dolls.  Her sketches are really detailed and such a beauty!

      1. lipnik_ilya_official

Last but not least, our top #Fashionartist list is closed by Lipnik Ilya, a Russian Photographer and Designer from Moscow. His pictures showcased models with astonishing saturated pictures. A gift for your eyes!

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