Top Green City Innovations

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These top green city innovations vary from self-sustaining villages to city forest pavilions. Aiming to make city areas more communal and eco-pleasant, architects are re-adapting public parks, skyscrapers, and places of work to feature components like indoor gardens and luxurious, rising facades. As cities become more populated, a rise in development means sparser green areas, however products like indoor gardening kits, and hydroponic planters are making certain shoppers can create indoor gardens where outdoor rising space is limited. We picked the most innovative layouts and ideas that implement green with city architecture!

Here you are our Top 5 Green City Innovations: 

  1. Indoor Restaurant Greenhouses

‘Väkst’ is a restaurant in Copenhagen that includes an indoor greenhouse in the middle of it and uses recycled materials for an eco-friendly design.

  1. Ramping Rooftop Gardens

The weather in Buenos Aires is perfect for growing vegetation year round, and Bam! Arquitectura has designed a home to take advantage of those balmy climes.

  1. Eco-Friendly Floating Greenhouses

Ecologically conscious design firm Salt & Water is attempting to make the water greener with the Eco Barge. Designed to float along the Danube river in Belgrade, Serbia, the Eco Barge comprises a small greenhouse and hut on which urban farmers can grow organic produced.

  1. Honeycomb Staircase Structures

The municipality of New York City is investing heavily in the revitalization of the Hudson Yards in Manhattan’s Lower West Side, and the newly released renderings for ‘Vessel’ show that the area will be a boon for pedestrians. Conceived of by controversial British designer Thomas Heatherwick, Vessel is a 15-storey, honeycomb-shaped structure filled with 154 interconnecting flights of stairs that have no other purpose than to be climbed.

  1. Garden-Topped Houses

The Concept House Institute of Building and Business Administration house — also known as the CHiBB house for the sake of brevity — is an exceptionally unique and wonderfully sustainable house that is effectively a massive, over-sized greenhouse.

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