TOP 5 Private Islands You Can Rent

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For those who think renting a private island is only for the rich and famous, think again. Private islands are in closer reach than one might think. Travelers, brides-to-be, and revelers can rent islands for their own celebrations and explorations. Here’s our international roundup of private islands for budgets and parties of all sizes.

5 – Lupita Island, Tanzania

Located in Lake Tanganyika, Lupita Island offers 13 rustic cottages with lake and mountain views. Each cottage has its own pool, sun deck, and outdoor bathtub. A restaurant and spa are on the island, which includes 30 staff members and a personal butler. Each villa’s nightly rate is $500-$1,000, and the island can be rented in its entirety for $25,000 per night (accommodating 26 people).

4 – Deepwater Island, Ontario, Canada

Ideal for fishing trips and romantic getaways, Deepwater Island is available for a full week, a month, or the whole season, and it comfortably fits two people. Surrounded by Massasauga Provincial Park, Deepwater Island is three-fourths of an acre and includes a cozy, blue house with modern amenities. The island’s weekly rate in high season (July and August) is $2,850 and $2,500 in low season.

3 –  East Sister Rock Island, Florida

This quarter-mile stretch of paradise off the Atlantic shore of the city of Marathon, FL, is available to rent for an average of $7,000 per week. The island offers a 5,000-square-foot Bahamian-style home, with a dock, helicopter pad, and 19 sliding glass doors.

2 – Laurel Island, Connecticut

A five-acre island in Lake Pocotopaug between New York City and Boston, Laurel Islandsleeps up to 39 people with five cabins and one main lodge. Ideal for family reunions, groups of college classmates, and weddings, the island costs $250 per person for a weekend. For one full week, the rate is $350 per person with a minimum of 20 people. Kayaks, canoes, stand-up boards, and paddle boats are available. The island is seasonal and available to rent May 1-Oct. 1.

1 – Petit St. Vincent, Caribbean Sea

Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre island on the southern Caribbean’s Grenadine island chain, is notable for its seclusion and privacy. Developed in the late 1960s by Swedish architect Arne Hasselqvist, the island’s 22 cottages were renovated in 2012 and most offer views of the beach. Petit St. Vincent has an unplugged vibe, making it a good spot for milestone birthdays and anniversaries. To rent out the island’s 22 cottages and villas sleeping 44 guests, it costs $27,000 per night with a four-night minimum.

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