Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Not At All New

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Everything old is new again! Regardless of how revolutionary trend designers think they are, ultimately everything has been done before. On this list we present you just 5 of the numerous examples we could give you of the fashion world moving in circles. You could be shocked at some of the entries on this list.

5- Grey haired young girls

Sure, grey hair has been seen on younger girls like Lady gaga and Kelly Osbourne, not too long ago. It appears somewhat edgy and futuristic after you get past the shock, however these girls are actually centuries behind on this hair trend. In the 18th century grey was a particularly standard hair shade. Younger girls like Marie Antoinette powdered their sky high hair soft shades of grey. Generally the hair was powdered with different pastel colours, however grey was the most popular.

4 – Artificial nails

Nail salons are so full of girls getting french manicures that it’s hard to imagine that artificial nails go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians! Theirs were produced from superbly decorated bone, ivory and gold. The more elaborate they were, the wealthier the individual was who wore them. Trendy acrylic nails are primarily for beauty causes, and don’t indicate wealth, but when you consider it, the upkeep on artificial nails could possibly be seen as wealth indicators because of the money a lady has to spend to get them filled in every few weeks.

3 – Heavy eyeliner

Search “scene” on Google images, and you can see 1000’s of images of girls with black eyeliner drawn around their eyes, raccoon style. This make-up trend appears to be current, but it’s not. Again to the traditional Egyptians once more! They used kohl to outline their eyes, both to protect them from the harsh desert sun and for beauty reasons. Some folks additionally assume they thought this might protect them from the “evil eye”. Males also used the ancient eyeliner, so “guyliner” isn’t new either!

2 – Skinny Jeans/pants

Probably the most widespread fashions of the 2000’s, skinny denims are typically worn to rebel or call attention to oneself and that’s what they have been worn for when they came around the first time! Again within the 1950’s, teenagers and 20 somethings didn’t want to dress like their parents any more in suits and skirts. Designers realized this and came out with what we might name skinny jeans. “Cigarette” pants for girls have been normally cropped to ankle length or shorter, and “drainpipe” jeans and pants became well-liked for men.

1 – Changing skin colour

These days, lots of people within the western world desire a dark tan. From historical times to the early 1900’s, ladies wished clean, porcelain white pores and skin. They believed that solely the rich might afford to have pale white skin as a result of the lower classes had to work within the solar and were, therefore, tanned. A lead primarily based powder was typically used to make their pores and skin even whiter, usually to lethal outcomes. Then Coco Chanel came back from a visit to the French Riviera in the 1920’s, and her fans went wild over the tan she had gotten while there, and began laying in the sun slathered in baby oil.

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