Top 3 Yoga Poses For Runners

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When you’ve been pounding the pavement for years as a runner, an achiness could have crept into your eight-minute mile. Whether or not it’s soreness within the knee, tightness within the hips and groin, or an upset ankle, missteps taken alongside the running path might be alleviated with the appropriate set of yoga poses.

Usually, with runners, it’s a weakness in certain muscle groups that places an excessive amount of pressure on the joints leading to overuse. By stabilizing and strengthening these muscles, your physique will realign, perform better, and stop hurting.


Low Lunge

That is the final word runners’ stretch! Along with releasing pressure within the hips, it opens up the quads, hamstrings and groin while strengthening the knee. Maintain either side for 5 to 10 breaths after each run, and you’ll discover a shift in your running stance.

Half Moon

As you stand on one leg, you’ll strengthen the ankle and stabilize the glute muscular tissues surrounding the hips, which are sometimes subjected to overuse. By balancing and lengthening your different leg outward, you’ll engage your core, which is essential for preserving a gradual gait throughout your runs.


Another weight-bearing posture that encourages activation of the glutes, this stability posture will construct your core energy, and supply a quad stretch to assist align and protect the knee.

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