Tips and Tricks to Turn Your Blog Into a Business

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Creating content for social media has become a full time job for some. It seems easy but truth is, there is a lot of work behind. If you want to turn your hobby into a business, this is what you need to know.

Ask yourself, why do you want to do it?

Alright, so this is important. You need to ask yourself why you want to blog and create content. Is it for the  money and the freebies? Then don’t. It will be a while until you have a fully developed community and following. Do it cause you love to communicate, to inspire others and because you’re passionate about it. If that shows, the rest will come alone.

Now that you are totally sure this is what you want to do, you’ll need some tips and tricks that will increase your productivity and help you achieve your goals.

1-Create a content calendar and STICK TO IT

First of all, a content calendar is -a calendar, duh!- where you write what you want to post each day, you can have different colours for your different platforms such as red for youtube, blue for blogging and green for instagram. It is much better if you have a consistent uploading routine than posting whenever.

This way, your followers will know when to expect content from you. They’ll know you post videos every friday, blog post every monday and so on. Besides, this will help you be much organized and productive. Planning ahead is always a good idea.

2-Build your own routine

There is a lot involved in content creating. You’ll have to investigate, write, take photos, edit, and much more. Remember that everything takes time so you need to make your own routine. Do you work better in the morning or at night? Take some time to sit on your computer and get some work done.

3-Design your media kit

What’s a  media kit you ask? It’s kind of a resume for bloggers. It’s a place (and by place i mean PDF document) where you’ll explain who you are, what you do, what your aesthetic is and all about your work with brands and such. Don’t worry if it’s not huge at first,  you need to start somewhere. There are plenty of tutorials  online that will help you create one. A media kit is a tool that you will present to brands you want to work with.


Networking is key. Spend some time commenting and getting to know other creators. Go to events and get to know them. Not only you’ll make friends but you’ll learn a lot. You can find creators to collaborate with and build a bigger and better community.

5-Don’t give away your work

Blogging, making videos and overall working on social media takes time. A lot. And i’ts very consuming too so don’t give away your work. It’s ok if you’re just starting and you want to work with small brands for a piece of jewellery or clothing but once you’ve done this for a while, you need to start charging. It can be very intimidating at first and this is also why you need  networking for (so you know what the others are doing and you can ask for help). Everything you do has a value. Remember that.

6-Don’t give up

My last tip is to be consistent, have patience and believe in yourself. There is a lot of competition out there and it can be very frustrating when you’re not getting there as fast as you want to. But it will happen if you can create nice, informative, useful and consistent content others can enjoy. Don’t get caught up on numbers and metrics, this things take time and that’s ok. Get inspired, don’t  give up and never stop growing.

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