Why I Think Taylor Swift Being On Time Was a Good Idea

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This past month, Time released its Person of the Year. Those featured on the cover were the women from the  #MeToo Movement. These are the women who helped pioneer awareness into the cause.

One of those women was Taylor Swift, who stood next to Ashley Judd and lobbyist Adama Iwu.
After the release of the magazine, many people have come to say ‘Taylor shouldn’t have been on the magazine, Ke$ha should have been.’

Personally, I think that they are wrong.

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift sued former Colorado DJ David Mueller after he groped Swift in 2013. Mueller sued Swift and said she was damaging his career. Swift countersued for $1 — and later won.

Groping is something that is a gray area when it comes to assault cases. But, here’s the thing: touching of any kind that is unwanted isn’t okay or appropriate. In fact, it is just as wrong as when someone rapes you. Why? Because it’s not okay when someone puts their hands on you. And, it is certainly not okay for people to put their hands in places that makes others uncomfortable.

Therefore, Swift is stepping forward and saying no it is not okay. And, I hope this paves the way to a solution. Women can not exist in fear of being touched or hurt just because someone tried to touch them.

Seeing Swift’s face on Time ensured one thing — that women are speaking up and getting justice. And this sets an example for women who are afraid to speak up — whether it may be fear of no one believing her or so forth.

However, I think there are a few faces missing. One of those faces is Alyssa Milano. Milano’s tweet ignited a firestorm of tweets and Facebook statuses — all of which declaring that they too are victims of assault. And, those victims ranged from celebrities to everyday people. Another face is Ke$ha who managed to rise forward after the abuse from her manager.

With that being said, I hope the movement that these women have created lasts a whole lot longer than 2017. Everyday, it seems as if there’s a new sexual assault scandal coming forward — whether it’s a Hollywood producer or a politician.

It is safe to say that the problem is much larger than we thought. But, those faces on that magazine are helping us reach a solution.

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