The Versatility In Yellow

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Very few tones have the ability to graduate from one season to the next, but yellow is one that can. Most would identify the color with summer or spring, however, many forget how much of a statement the color makes in autumn.

In fact, during fall is when stores look the yellowest with décor featuring dry leaves, pumpkins, candy corn, and all with the motif of not only fitting the season, but the holidays and important days that come with autumn.

Our wardrobe can also include some touches of yellow. Though it is a significant tone during autumn, perhaps it would be too much to fully dress in yellow – though in Miami it wouldn’t be as uncommon given the temperature – but there can be an array of statement pieces to play with that will give your style a kick.

Bright yellow clutch

We underestimate the power of the clutch at times, but it’s the perfect mix between chic and casual. A clutch doesn’t dress up or down an outfit (because shoes do that), but it does give it edge – far more than any shoulder bag. Carmen Sol sells amazing “jelly” material accessories, and the clutches are fantastic. They’re simple, yet have stud-type detailing, and the fact that they are jelly makes them easy to play with and customize.

Statement earrings

The most trending accessory at the moment is over-the-top earrings, so why not go the extra mile and get yellow? Katherine Cordero has taken Miami – and beyond – by storm with her bright, colorful, detailed pieces. The yellow star style is perfect for a little sass to a plain outfit.


Though earrings are having their moment, chokers refuse to fully let go just yet, and thick and detailed ones are clinging on to the ‘trends train’ with colorful styles. A bright yellow can be found at Forever 21.

Fiddler caps

Fiddler caps are the official trend of the season. They’re sophisticated, and give every look a bit of a vintage feel. A burnt yellow style totally fits the season and the trend, given that bold colors such as red or green have been labeled as the ‘hot pick’ regarding these head pieces.

Mochila Wayuu

Not only is the story behind these pieces beautiful, give that they are handmade by the women of the Wayuu tribe of La Guajira in Colombia, but celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and Katy Perry have been seen rocking these handbags. VivaWayuu sells amazing styles at affordable prices, and 10 percent of the purchase goes back to the women of the tribe. Their yellow-toned ones are a must-have.

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