The Pricelessness in Authenticity

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Finding yourself is tough. It takes many years to do so, but once you’ve found your true self, it feels so good – if you accept you, that is.

The point and value of being a person – an individual – is that you are nothing like any other human being in the world. More than 7 billion people live on this planet, and not a single one is identical to you. Do you see that value?

You need to take that organic being that you are and exploit it while staying focused on being completely authentic, original and yourself. Your taste, preferences, feelings and choices all spring from what you’ve seen and how you feel. Focus more on what you feel, because what you see will constantly change, but what you feel will reflect directly on you, from the inside out.

Blending in is such an easy thing. You just do what others find to be ‘normal,’ but when you look at all the people whose names have been recognized in various realms and eras in time, you realize that those who stayed true to themselves, ended up realizing their true purpose for their lives, while continuing to love, embrace and to dig up more of who they knew they were, but according to that knowledge, they dove further into who they knew they could become.

It all stems from an authentic soul; one that auto reflects and comprehends the originality of what their heart desires. After all, your authenticity was given to you at birth, and it’s up to you to look for it, find it, keep it and embrace it.

Embrace it just like these iconic figures once did or still do. That is one of the keys to their success.

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