The Makeup that Brings you Happiness!

 In Beauty & Grooming

Sonny Angels are here to create the best combination to look always on point!
These little cute Japanese angels are always by your side for making you smile, they will make you love yourself with these beauty hacks. They will provide healing moments in your everyday life.


1 – Unveil your mask 🌸

Ph. @offeliazone

We all know that the secret to achieving a soft skin is FACE MASK! The lovely Froggy, Raddish, Chestnut, and Lily have the perfect suggestions for you ✨



Tony Moly – Rose Vitalizing, Green Tae Skin Purifying, Avocado Nutrition, Cherry Blossom Brightening.




Ph. @offeliazone

2 – Nude on the Outside, Shiny on the Inside ⭐️

Poppy and Ice cream have the best trio for a nude look that can make you shine ✨




So Natural Cover Fixing CushionTony Moly Rose Hand CreamAtomic Make NYC Silky Metallic Matte “Memory Lane”



Ph. @offeliazone

3 – Spellbound 💿

Think of London and transcend into the 80s…  Siouxsie and the Banshees!
Penguin suggests a spellbinding dark look ✨



 Beauty Without Cruelty MascaraMAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour “Caviar”



Ph. @offeliazone

– She is Royal 🐭 

Feel like Cinderella every day! Only our cute Mouse can help you with a delicate and royal look!✨


Beauty Without Cruelty 
 Attitude Nail Colors “Mermaid” – Tony Moly Hand Cream “Cherry Blossom” – KOCOSTAR Lip Mask Mint Refreshing & Clean .



5 – Here me ROAR! 👑

Ph. @offeliazone


Start the day like Lion, fierce, fresh and powerful, here’s his suggestion✨




KOCOSTAR Flower Mask Sunflower – Tony Moly Ultimate Pore Bust Duo – Kocostar Lip Mask Black Shooting & Glow .

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