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Dear Americanoizers, this is a new column that we are going to show you every week: it is about the best and worst outfits out there! Our 3 Fashion Experts will give a vote from 1 to 10 and comment each week 6 different outfits. So let´s present our Jury first!

The Jury of this Week:

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Outfit 1 – Emily Ratajkowski

Jonathan: 9/10 

Loving this day-flirty assemble with a fresh denim spin. No no to the crochet bag.

Amanda: 10/10 

Classy, feminine, sexy, and demure. Perfect casual combo.

Daniela: 9/10 

Garden fab is still on! Although without the hoops it would’ve been more that sufficient. Says who?!

Outfit 2 – Gigi Hadid

Jonathan: 10/10

The super model isn’t afraid to show her business women look while running errands. Perfect from head to toe.. It’s like she walked straight out of an ad campaign.

Amanda: 10/10

Love the bun hairstyle classic look combined with staple thigh high boots and a perfectly fit wrap dress. Effortless rockstar chic.

Daniela: 10/10

A Sleek do, classic dress, thigh highs, what else? The perfect executive-but-sexy-enough-look.

Outfit 3 – Kim Kardashian

Jonathan: 6/10

There’s just something about this part denim, part cotton, part strappy sandals number that’s part unpleasant then add how the outfit highlights  her famous curves creating total disaster.

Amanda: 1/10

Mix match shoe and outfit combination gone wrong. Might have been better with some funky sneakers. 

Daniela: 9/10

Hmm yes, mommy shorts are in! She knows what suits her and stays true to that. Kim doing Kim.

Outfit 4 – Hailey Baldwin

Jonathan: 10/10

The best street style; Love how she makes a look look more casual like here when she wears cool sneakers with a really good outfit to make it look like its more just street wear, street style.

Amanda: 8/10

Overall I am a huge fan of this black leather jacket and white sneaker look, but my momma would have killed me with a skirt that short. She can pull it off, but it’s always nice to leave a little something for surprise. 😉 

Daniela: 10/10

Is motorlesque a thing? I might want to try that.

Outfit 5 – Chloe Sevigny

Jonathan: 4/10

In this case, less is certainly not more with this bra showing design with conflicting window treatment pattern prints and a out of place jacket.

Amanda: 2/10

Looks like sweet little Chloe forgot her shirt on her way to church. A small tease of a sexy undergarment can be nice, but ladies not your whole bra please.

Daniela: 10/10

All the good points for staying unique as ever… only she can pull the “Sevigny look” off.

Outfit 6 – Ashley Olsen

Jonathan: 1/10

The main reason: bad proportions. Specifically, wearing an ensemble that is too long, too loose and too voluminous.

Amanda: 0/10

This look is for one thing and one thing only. Inmate garbage cleanup uniform. Should not be worn elsewhere. 

Daniela: 10/10

Nineties janitorial chic? Lucky for you that what I like, that´s what I like.


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