The Like Factor – NYFW 2017

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Here we are again, with our The Like Factor column, this week on a Thursday! Here below you will find the 7 outfits our jury rated. Let’s check it out and a special thank to Carolina, Daniela and Jonathan!

The Jury:

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Outfit 1 – Pink Look

Daniela: 9/10

When we are talking about Barbie pink I’m all for it, maybe I would’ve chosen a different beauty look, something more polished and natural clean makeup.

Carolina: 9/10

The pink look is just wow. The proportions of jacket and skirt are perfect and the powder pink shoes are a good match. Then a smile makes everything bright! 

Jonathan: 10/10

Pink is back, but it’s no longer the color only for Barbie girl dreams. Her look is fresh and defiant It’s time to rethink pink!

Outfit 2 – Denim and bomber girls

Daniela: 8/10

 I think Queen Riri would be proud of these grungy careless looks.

Carolina: 8/10

Easy and cool but glamorous. The denim oversized jacket with the flannel detail worn by Hailey Baldwin and the embellishes bomber made the looks. Hand by hand the girls spread the love and this is always important!

Jonathan: 10/10

I love these two girls… Their outfits show us the art of looking elevated, while still looking like themselves! They look up-to-date without  trying too hard, and mixing and matching adds the right balance.

Outfit 3 – Colorful oriental twins

Daniela: 10/10

Although the twin look is something done for the street style shots I think they pull it off really well, I like the primary color palette with the touch of the turtle neck seventies vibe.

Carolina: 7/10

Matchy-matchy is always so eyecatching. The sunglasses have the same colors of the trousers and skirt ( good job girls!) but I would prefer to see small bags carried by hand or a clutch because the turtlenecks and those bags taken so high, made these women too much bundled up.

Jonathan: 7/10

Although not on my wow list these two are taking in the summer mood while slaying in bold and bright outfits at NYFW SS18.

Outfit 4 – Kim Kardashian

Daniela: 8/10

Oh Kimmy Kim, you’ve done it again, you forgot to put on your skirt, It’s ok though, I’ve heard that a lot of moms go through that distraction stage once in a while. 

Carolina: 1/10

Kim your leather jacket is rad but… Did you only wear tights??? You forget the skirt!

Jonathan: 2/10

This look is like that horrible nightmare where you arrive at a fancy party or important meeting, only to realize that you’re in your underwear. Horrible sheer black pantyhose and — well, that’s about it. Pretty much just sheer black pantyhose, pulled up to her ribs, showcasing her banana-sling satin panties. #ICYMI Platinum blonde wig!

Outfit 5 – Sara Sampaio

Daniela: 10/10

Chic and sleek, it looks effortless but still polished, showing the perfect amount of skin. That said I would love to have her sweater and cozy up in a nice caffe. 

Carolina: 9/10

Sara Sampaio is one of those girls that could look a dream also with an handkerchief. Thsi oversized striped sweater is a must to have for the cold season and combined it with Kenneth Cole vynil boots make it extremely lush!

Jonathan: 10/10

She is keeping busy for New York Fashion Week! Always looking on point the stunning model wore very little makeup and a fierce oversized sweater dress – striking a pose at the Zadig & Voltaire NYFW Show.

Outfit 6 – Curly friends

Daniela: 10/10

Yass! They have the right attitude and style to pull the literal urban street trend. Despite the previous statement about the twinning thing. 

Carolina: 10/10

Fashionable, trendy and really on point. Let’s take these shoulders off! All denim can be boring but these girls know how to make a look hot.

Jonathan: 1/10

Don’t think they know the difference between Fashion vs Tawdriness. Or where ends the line between style and tastelessness? In a world, where is accepted to judge on appearance, one of the most common fails – look ridiculous, absurd or inappropriate.

Outfit 7 – Patricia Manfield

Daniela: 10/10

Saffari- aviator combo is the best! And her beauty look its just spotless. 

Carolina: 6/10

I like so much Patricia sense of fashion but this time the look chosen for the Coach catwalk didn’t convince me. The shearling jacket, the trousers with high cuff and the massive shoes ( that are not seen in this photo ) are not harmonious together, to be seen alone are good but together not so much.

Jonathan: 9/10

You never know what time you’ll be home during New York Fashion Week. So this look goes perfect from day to evening.

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