The Light Within

 In Americanoizing

The light within needs our vigilant mind to take care of the flame that is burning in our heart. This light is our aspiration. It is our yearning for truth, for all that is good and beautiful, our love of knowing our own Self. It is our love of knowing Who we are?, Why ?, and Where we are? All these questions we can answer, and we get a clear sense of self. We see the light through our hearts and we prove that nobody else has the answers but ourselves.

That is the light of awareness that we need to keep burning in our hearts. Those who have that awareness never go wrong in that light. They read between the lines. This mind is truly devoted, dedicated, and we can only be ruled by grace. We become gradually pure and sharp by leaving all the layers that were covering us until today.

Practice as part of your morning rituals writing or thinking about your deepest aspirations that you will like in the days to come. Then spend 10 minutes in the evening writing about what lighten your life and spirit throughout the day. What moments of inspiration and insight, beauty and light, peace and joy you had. What moments of human strength, courage, or tenderness were you privileged to witness or give? What spark that light of awareness in your heart? Make it a practice to gather the gifts of the day, to savor them in your heart, to thank for them each night before going to bed.


Noelia Madiedo


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