The Importance of Being Online

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There’s nothing that has more to say than people and when they share something, such as images, thoughts and especially the simple act of talking, they communicate. Which happen all the time. Even this one article embodies the act of communication. And since we do it all the time and we do it to build relationships, share opinions and promote something to others, what can do it better than talking face to face? Social media. Not as substitute of us but as an extension of us. Made of our thoughts, our own life experiences, pictures and videos, made of people for the people. From one to many.

That’s the importance of social media. Their ability to reach millions of people at the same time.

Social media are rapidly transforming the way not only single individuals but organizations as well as communicate with customers. With just one tweet or Instagram’s post, a business can promote products and services, having instant feedback and create fidelity.

Thanks to social media you’re not only developing relationships, connecting with tons of people at the same time from all over the world while reaching your target, but you’re also doing so with almost no-cost!

And here comes the question… If socials are the easiest way to communicate which one has the most effective impact in the shortest time? As long as we recognize the enormous amount of subscribers on both Twitter and Facebook, is also true that in the restricted characters’ capacity for Twitter and in the algorithm who allows you to see only a certain kind of posts on Facebook, here stand their limits. With YouTube which isn’t that immediate and effective — not everyone likes to spend their time watching videos and often the sponsorship is just invasive and annoying — and with Snapchat already doing downhill, the only valid alternative right now is Instagram.

Instagram brings together all different media and Millennials are using Instagram more than any other platform. With no character restriction and a very impactful approach which puts light on the visual aspects of each post, it can captivate the audience while allowing friendly interactions, and opinions, in the comments, allowing the one, who dare enough, to be a whole new powerful generation of influencers… So, to help you turbocharge your Instagram account, you’ll need an Instagram analytics tool that will increase engagement, get more views on stories, and make more sales.



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