The Evolution of Tartan

 In Fashion

The last that I can not fail to observe in any shop window, is the trend that appeared since the 70s, known as tartan, was imposed as a Scottish cuadrille that then was evolving.

Today I see that it is applied from skirts to tops and I can not stop seeing it. I am attentive on fashion week runways  in designers like Stella McCartney, Fendi and on the catwalks of vogue.

In Argentina these prints are used by many brands and designers, for example Santiago Artemis use them, as well as Bloggers and influencers including Nati Saal, Tini Goobar, among many others.

The garments are accompanied by another must of the season, the flown, showcased mostly in tops, skirts and dresses to give a little more body to the garment and change a little its basic structure to make this something that I just simply have to have in the closet.

What you have to know, although they are very versatile garments, it is not necessary to exaggerate with them: we are not in the 70s!

Another thip is that these are recommended for those people who are very tall because if they use them combined in 2 pieces, such as a crop top and a short / skirt, we will see those beautiful long legs that characterize them shine. The others should not be jealous, as more curvy girls can combine skirts and denim with tops or skirts with basic shirts and look fantastic, accentuating their beautiful figures.

All in all, it is a fairly versatile and adaptable trend for almost all bodies, well used can help us a lot, but not to abuse, since what helps can also sometimes disadvantage us.

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