Where to Relax During the Art Basel Craziness

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Art Basel in Miami can be the best experience of your year but let’s say it, as all the big events around the world, it can be stressful. Thousands of events, traffic, people, different outfits for every happening… so how to escape from all of it? Nothing better than a good night sleep and some relax.

Here at Americanoize we found the best oasis for you to be and chill: the Diplomat Beach Resort has everything you need! For instance, there you will be able to slip out to the shore, into the lagoon pool, away to a private cabana – havens all – and enjoy your chaise, the sun, and the sparkling personality of our blissful beachside treasure.

This Beach Resort was chosen also by 3 influencers that decided to spend their nights there during the 2017 Art Basel. Check out these pics to fall completely in love with it!

  1. @CristinaMusacchio

The italian influencer has been seen all around the world, and apparently Art Basel was a must to attend to. She decided to relax at The Diplomat, taking a break by having a swim in the super nice pool (s) of the Resort!

2. @IvanoMarino

Also Ivano, between a trip to Iceland and Italy decided to attend Art Basel this year. The Fashion influencer spent his days during and after the Art Basel Miami 2017 on the Diplomat shores enjoying its “magic view”

3. @Vestalugg

Vesta currently lives in L.A., but could not miss Art Basel this year! We have spotted an IG post where she took a pic in one of the amazing Deluxe Rooms of the Resort.

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Bye Miami 👋🌊 @osixeyewear #VestaTakesMiami

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Yes, we know, now you cannot wait to come here in Miami and explore this paradise. How to do it? It is easy: take some days off, go online, book your staying and start living the dream!

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