The Day After Hurricane Irma

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Dear readers, as you surely have heard by now, Hurricane Irma vanished and luckily for all of us in the United States it did not leave enormous damages behind (which was not the case for the close Cuba).

Anyhow Miami and part of Florida was hit and we have seen storm surges and some parts of the city submerged in water. Currently Miami is trying to get back to normal as soon as possible, and here at Americanoize we really want to thank the municipality and all the volunteers that are already back helping the others.

One of the volunteers there is Amanda, one of our contributors, which shared her experience pre-Irma through a touching article. She wanted to keep us posted on the developments and how was the coming back home after this natural nightmare.

Here you are below 2 testimonials of what she has seen yesterday and what is currently happening in South Beach.

Again, police officers and municipality have been really helpful and efficient in helping people get back to their homes but still trying to make sure everyone is safe. For instance, Miami Beach has been closed to the public since yesterday morning.

Big thumbs up to everyone, when something like this happen, the most important thing is that we stay all together!

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