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Recently, there has been a surge to consistently reinvent yourself by the definition of someone else. Within social media, the news, and Snapchat we have become obsessed with the idea of being tied at the waist to someone else. And through all of the smoke and gas match-making and internet flaunting, it can be hard to come back to yourself or even find yourself.

No matter what, it is almost impossible to escape the pressure or monogamous advancement. And if you’re wondering why you’re young, ambitious, and single, there are few reasons why.

  1. Timing

Understand that there is a very true and sometimes and unruly aspect to timing that makes our lives a little more different than what we may expect. Understand that every season simply isn’t your season, and some seasons last longer than others.

  1. The Need to be Selfish

Late teen years and the twenties are your premier time to invest in yourself and solidify who are as a professional, as a person, and as a partner. Work hard and go out with friends. Travel the world and don’t respond to text messages. Don’t save random phone numbers and work out more. Just enjoy these moments now. Who knows where you’ll be in the next 20 years.

  1. Check Yourself

For many of us, we feel as if the world owes us the perfect mate for our imperfect shortcomings and Catfish photos on Instagram. You are still developing. And that is ok. Understand that development means that you know that there is work to be done. Having room to grow is invaluable, treat it as such.

Honestly, try not to think about doing life with someone else right now. It is difficult to try to maneuver through alone at this moment.

Take some deep breaths. It will all fall into place as it should.

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