The Biggest Challenges with UX Design

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Many website owners are well aware of how important user experience is in the design of their website. In fact, for many customers, it can make the difference between whether they will buy from you or from one of your competitors. However, designing a website with the user experience in mind is not as easy as it sounds, and there are a number of challenges that you or your designer may come across. We spoke to Clockwork, a digital design agency, to create the below list of challenges.

Confusing and Complicated Chatbots

The use of chatbots has increased greatly over the last decade, and for many businesses, it has helped them to decrease their customer service costs. However, chatbots aren’t without their difficulties. While they do help to provide instant support, the majority aren’t user-friendly and over 73% of customers have reported having a bad experience when using them. If you choose to add a chatbot to your site, it is vital that they are sophisticated enough to solve customer problems. If they send conflicting messages or can’t direct a customer to the right human, they will only lead to customers feeling frustrated. Using smarter machines that incorporate AI learning is one of the best moves your business can make.

Building Customer Confidence

The majority of people who shop online are worried about their data and what it will be used for should they agree to pass it over. Due to this, it’s vital that the UX of your website builds customer trust and confidence. Websites in this day and age must clearly show their security protocols, and clearly, state what any collected data will be used for. Businesses should also always provide an opt-out option. SSL and other security badges on websites can also help to build up trust. When done correctly, conversion rates should increase.

Implementing Personalization That Converts

When you log onto Netflix, you’re provided with a list of films and TV shows that the company thinks you’ll be interested in. Many of the large retail websites, like Amazon, provide a similar service. The reason for this is that when implemented correctly, conversion rates can dramatically increase, and a customer may end up purchasing more than they had originally intended to. However, in order to do this successfully, designers need access to tons of data, which often isn’t available during the startup days of a business. It is vital that designers work with marketing teams when creating a personalized site, as they need a deep understanding of who the company’s customers are and how to provide a personalized experience that works. A/B testing should also be performed and monitored to ensure the best results.

While most website owners are aware of how important user experience is in design, knowing how to implement it correctly can be difficult – even for designers. For this reason, it is vital that you hire a digital agency to help you; ideally one with experience.

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