How I Taught Myself How To Breathe My Way Out Of Stress

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If there is one thing I consider myself good at, is organizing. I am good at managing time, I am also quite confident when it comes to rank priorities and I can definitely plan a week ahead what my days will look like for the next 7 days… However, if there’s one thing I didn’t consider, when I started studying at university, living alone and trying to have a social life (ALL AT THE SAME TIME) was stress.

The moment I started feeling my chest physically hurting because of the amount of pressure I was getting myself into, I decided it was time to get help or start to deal with it, so I went to counseling. After my first session and a small talk with a woman who seemed to know more about myself than me, I realized that my tension was purely caused by the way I was breathing. Sounds stupid, right? Well, from the moment she pointed out that every time I talk I forget to breathe, I realized how often I actually do so and how much that changes my mood and my way of life. And what are the solutions to that?

The first thing I found useful after my meeting, was downloading breathing apps. Yeah, you read it right. There are actual apps that you can download on your phone and make you breathe in and out in order to relax your body and your mind in the easiest ways possible. What I’ve been struggling with, it wasn’t uncommon at all, and luckily there are people out there dealing with the exact same things that created something as easy as an app to make my life easier.

Another thing that helped me a lot is going to the gym. I’ll never say it enough but what I love the most about the gym is its way to relax your body afterwards. The way your body sweats and releases endorphins which make you feel pleasure at the end of a workout, leaves your mind feeling so much better on your worst days and it is really therapeutic.

One last thing I have been trying in the last few weeks is meditation. I always thought that yoga or hypnotherapy were some sorts of exercises that only Beyoncé, Rihanna or VIPs were entitled to try, but now I see its perks. It is good to spend an hour-session breathing and feeling your mind leaving your body so that you can feel your stress and emotions get out of the door. The human mind and body are so connected but at the same time so disconnected that it is beautiful to learn how to be aware of it.

These are just some of the ways I deal with breathing. I didn’t know I had a problem with breathing, but I once read that on a daily basis we made more than a thousand mistakes while exhaling and inhaling and if you’re one of those of people, I hope this little article helped.

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