The Surprising Self Love Sanctuaries of IG

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Jessamyn is a yoga master and body positive inspiration shedding her sunny rays on all of your IGs. She proves that fitness is for all beauty types, and a six pack doesn’t prove your athleticism. Her photos are almost always captioned with long, earnest and honest messages regarding loving yourself and the skin you’re in. But she’s also refreshingly realistic, fessing up in some that she doesn’t feel as powerful as she does in others. But that’s the beauty in being human, right? Jessamyn reminds us to embrace our sisterhood and community, in those times of need, and she even has a listener hotline number posted in her account bio.

Appropriately dubbed “The Self Love Project”, this non-profit refers to itself as a self love mentoring curriculum that empowers young women to love, trust and nurture themselves. They’re even testing it in schools, which is really exciting. Young girls’ minds are the ones that are the most malleable and need the most innovative shaping by other strong, empowered women in their community. Some of the posts are just simple images that remind you to take a step back and meditate, while others remind us to self-nurture in poems, tweets, and more. They actively raise funds for important causes like supporting hardworking single moms, and offer a 6 week online program that helps your self-love flourish via research-based daily habits across the sectors of wellness and optimal energy management.

Erin Treleoar brings out the raw side of Instagrammers, which is no easy feat. Her feed is mostly visual with some inspiring quotes thrown in. This is helpful for when your anxiety or stress levels are high and you just need to absorb visually instead of reading. Women of all shapes and sizes adorn this page, as well as empowering photos reminding us to ignore what the scale says, and that society has pretty outdated notions regarding a lot. Whether it’s celebrating stretch marks and cellulite or raising an eyebrow at the media, raw beauty talks supports us in nourishing ourselves with things other than food that can make us glow from the inside out.

Unfortunately these are not actual recipes, but this digital zine will nourish you like no other. The account highlights intersectional illustrations, you can buy the kickass prints and related products on the artists Etsy shop. The impeccably composed drawings feature captions that bolster our confidence and speak to important issues. Some of our favorites include “Don’t Feel Guilty About Putting Yourself First”, “You Are Resilient”,  and “Someone Else’s Beauty Is Not The Absence Of Your Own”, which rings true in the self-judgemental world of Insta. We want every one of these prints collaging our bedroom walls ASAP. A perfect gift to remind your BFF how amazing she is.

Gina Susanna is a proud eating disorder survivor in recovery, who became famous on IG for her hashtag #embracethesquish. She helps us embrace ours every day through her content, both visual and verbal. We love Nourish and Eat because it puts equal importance on mental health along with body acceptance, and we get to follow Gina along on her majestic real-life journey of fighting an ED and fully valuing herself. For those who are feeling down in the dumps, Gina’s images chronicling her own self growth and encouraging others has connected with thousands of fans worldwide. The account is also dotted with pretty, pink reminders to take care of ourselves besides eating kale and working out, such as “mental health is not a luxury”.  Gina reminds us to dedicate enough time to ourselves, and that ourselves alone are enough.

This unapologetic account was created by your favorite plus-size model, Tess Holliday, and moderated by a diverse range of body positive gals. Many of her posts remind us that  living your live by society constructed notions like diets is a silly thing to do. She often posts images of other gorgeous plus-size babes that are redefining beauty, peppered in with poignant women’s march posters, and self love mantras that will seriously uplift you. Though she focuses on body positivity, many of her posts are very inclusive and relatable for a range of fans.


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