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It’s a new year, and maybe you are ready to make some changes, and one of them is to change up your look?  Remember, making positive changes to yourself also helps boost your self-esteem.

That said, let’s get into it:

My number one rule when it comes to dressing, do not wear anything, and I mean anything, unless it makes you feel fabulous!  When you wear something fabulous, it does that funny little thing to you on the inside, and suddenly, you feel like the prettiest girl in the world.  And you know what happens when you feel like the prettiest girl in the world, you wind up doing amazing things, bonus point!

My number two rule:

Sincerely.  I don’t know how many women (of all ages) that I talk to, who only wear their “good” underwear if they have a date, or if it is a special occasion with their “lover”.  That’s so 1985.  Please, wear it every day.  It’s like only using the “good” china when you have company.  Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing luxurious and luscious underwear.

Every woman should own at least one LBD (little black dress).  I own three.  Hey, you never know 😉

Like the saying goes, “Dressing Is A Way Of Life”…when you wake up in the morning, put some thought into what you are going to wear.  Dress deliberately, with love and enthusiasm towards you.  It’s your body you are dressing.  With your flair for style and all things fashion.  There are no rules, only what makes you feel good!

And like everything style related, have fun with it!

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