Why Stranger Things 2 was better than ST1

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If you clicked on this article thinking there would be no spoilers, please close this tab straight away. If there’s something I hate about my social media’s timelines is the amount of spoilers I get every time one of my favorite shows airs.

And since I don’t want you to feel the same by opening this on Americanoize this week, I’ll give you my sincere, straight-up advice on how to deal with this article: if you haven’t watched Stranger Things 2 yet, go on Netflix NOW, watch the series, bingewatch it till you’ll feel completely satisfied, and then come back to this, maybe it will fill the emptiness you’ll be left of when you come to the realization that you’ll have to wait probably another full year to get new episodes to watch (or even more!!).

The new season of Stranger Things came out on the 27th of October and I am pretty sure it has been the main topic of discussion everywhere I went. I’m not complaining at all though, and this article is going to explain why I think what the Duffer Brothers did with this season is even more brilliant than what they did when they created season 1.

There are mainly four reasons why I loved it, and one of them is definitely Bob Newby. It is always difficult to introduce a character in a really good tv show and getting the fans to love him straight away, and this is definitely why when I started the season I was a little bit skeptic about him. But he was for sure a good addition to the cast. At the beginning I couldn’t help but be suspicious by the way he was genuinely nice to everyone, but at the end of the day his death was probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the 9 episodes.

Another thing I truly enjoyed watching was the bound made between Dustin and Steve. Steve was born to be the bad guy but slowly he became one of the more loved characters in the show. This is probably why he became one of the nicest people in this season, and the way he gets his heart broken by Nancy and then helps Dustin making a good impression on Max literally made my heart melt, and I’m probably never going to recover from it.

The third thing that I think it’s worth mentioning when thinking of ST2, is Will Byers finally being a protagonist of the series. Will was always at the centre of the story, but in this season, we finally got the chance to see Noah Schnapp acting and it was SO worth the wait. Noah just turned 13 and he is definitely one of the best young actors in the planet. His screams, his facial expression truly made this season worth watching and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next season and Will Byers’ development.

One last thing that made this season so good was the reunion of Mike and Eleven. I always get teary at the idea that these kids are just so young and good at acting, but Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard really deserve an Oscar and I can’t wait to see how far they’ll go with their acting careers.

So… If you’re still recovering from the end of ST2, I hope this article made you feel a little bit better, and I hope that you won’t think I’m crazy if I tell you that I’m probably going it to watch it again this month. And even if I am being crazy right now, and you want to be crazy with me, let me just quote Mike and tell you this: “If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right?”

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