Spotify Gives You a Way to Explore Your 2017 in Music

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With the upcoming year at the doors, apart from planning new targets to achieve and set goals for 2018, it is also beautiful to take a look back at what we achieved and lived in the past 12 months. Today, most of the apps create databases on the content we share, we like, we engage in and one of the most fun and interesting systems I enjoyed go through was the one created by Spotify.

As a fan of music and the way it relaxes and unites people at the same time, I’ve always tried to be in the loop when it comes to the use of the internet to check out new music and listen to my favorite tunes. And, to be completely honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Apple lover like me (and should prefer Apple Music) or if the music you listen to is available on YouTube, or if you’re the type of person that likes to buy physical copies of albums when they come out… nothing compares to Spotify as a provider of the greatest amount of music worldwide. I’ve been a Premium user for the past year, and this is probably why I enjoyed so much their 2017 Wrapped feature.

The system tells you how many minutes you’ve listened to music in the past year, how many songs, artists and genres. It even tells you the 5 artists you’ve listened to the most, and the 5 songs that should be considered your 2017 anthems. Spotify creates two playlists which are personal to every user: one called “Your Top Songs 2017” that includes the songs you’ve listened to the most, but also a second one called “The Ones That Got Away”, a collection of tunes you skipped during the year and you might have let ‘getting away’ too easily, without listening too carefully. It goes without saying that both playlists have been what I’ve listened to the most during December (apart from the Christmas playlists that have been rocking out my world for the past couple of weeks, but you surely know this because of my last article!).

One of my favorite things about this feature is that it does not only allow people to take a look back at what they’ve enjoyed listening to, but it shows artists as well, how many people have listened to their music, how many times their songs were played and how well this year was for their music to be discovered. One of my favorite singers – Lewis Watson – even shared on his twitter the way Spotify told him how many ‘fans’ his music had. It said that, by the number of fans listening to his music, he could have 89 sold out nights in Wembley Stadium. Isn’t that crazy?

With every memory I keep with me, there’s a song I connect that moment with, and if you feel the same way, Spotify will definitely give you the possibility to relive those moments at their fullest. For a music geek like me, this feature is pure paradise and I truly loved the idea of looking back at the year with songs and playlists. If you want to check out YOUR 2017 Wrapped, just click here  and check out the songs, the playlists and the artists you loved the most during the past year. I am not ready to say goodbye to this year yet. Therefore, for now, I’ll listen to The Top Songs of my 2017 and hold on to the memories for a little bit longer. After all, it’s not 2018 yet.

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