The Importance Of Social Media Influencers

What is Influencer Marketing?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Social media Influencers are inspirational, dynamic, and motivated individuals that promote an image or perspective their followers desire. Elusive though they may be, Influencers can have a huge impact on your branding efforts. The fame of some Influencers are short-lived, lasting only as long as it takes for them to become a passing meme. However, other influencers have significant staying power who not only weather the ever-changing trends in technology and social media but also use them to their advantage. These are the ones who create a personal brand out of their lifestyles and generate a powerful voice through social media where they, among other things, promote their favorite products encouraging millions of followers to do the same.

Who Is A Social Media Influencer?

Fitness buffs, gamers, fashionistas, foodies, hobbyists, even well-known YouTube stars and featured bloggers can become social media Influencers. By pinpointing a specific identity, these Influencers use their social media channels to provide opinions regarding brands, styles, trends, and alternatives. Their opinions have an impact: it can launch an independent label or cause a backlash against even the most established of companies. When Influencers offer endorsed opinions about a certain product or service, they set off online conversations across different social media platforms that more often than not go viral.

The Importance of Social Media Influencers on a Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth has always been integral to building a reputation as a trusted brand. However, what used to be a time-consuming endeavor is now easier to achieve online through social media. Influencers represent the bridge between your product/brand and your target consumer base. Influencers are relatable, well-known, experienced in promotion, and, of course, influential. Seeing your favorite beauty blogger use a particular brow shade or hearing your go-to fashion guru talk about bell bottoms making a comeback mobilizes their followers to act. Influencers start trends on social media making others aware of the Next Big Thing.

2018 Notable Influencers:

Huda Kattan

The founder of Huda Beauty, is a beauty blogger and makeup artist. Her claim to fame, false eyelashes worn by Kim Kardashian, launched her brand and her social media presence. She has 24.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Lele Pons

is a brand ambassador for Cover Girl cosmetics, as well as a working actress and social media star. She has 22 million followers on Instagram and over 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Zach King,

Amateur magician, posts video tutorials and different challenges on his YouTube channel. He’s very well-known for his videos that appear as though he is doing magic. King has 21.4 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Cameron Dallas

from the show Chasing Cameron, is well-known for his videos and Instagram pics. The up and coming actor has also starred in several films, including Expelled and The Outfield. Cameron has 20.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million Facebook friends.

Amanda Cerny

former Playboy playmate, now fitness professional, has a large following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. She’s also an actress who has starred in Adam Devine’s House Party and The Deleted. Amanda has 19.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

“King Bach” aka Andrew Bachelor

is an actor and comedian. Andrew is active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. A busy actor, he’s appeared on House of Lies and The Mindy Project. King Bach has 14.8 million followers on Instagram and 9.5 million followers on Facebook.

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