Six Pieces Of Jewelry Everyone Should Have In Their Jewelry Box

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Jewelry is my favorite accessory. One of the many reasons why I think so is because it’s something that can tell a story. Many of my pieces are beautiful heirlooms that were passed down from the previous generation. And, I’m not going to lie, having that story makes it all the more special.

In addition to the priceless jewels, there are some pieces that are staples in every woman’s jewelry box. These staples are true classics — pieces that will never go out of style.


Stud earrings.

I think that everyone with pierced ears should have at least one pair of the following: a pair of pearl studs, diamond (or my personal favorite, QVC’s Diamonique) and silver/gold ball earrings. These earrings go with everything — whether you are wearing a cozy sweater or a fancy dress you’ll be good. And, these are investments, so don’t be afraid to go a little pricey on them. Trust me, you’ll get more bang for your buck.


A good watch.

Sure, you have a Fitbit and your phone for the time. But, nothing beats a watch. It looks classy, and it always adds a little extra to any outfit. I say there’s three kinds of watches one should have: a solid leather band, a rose gold watch and a silver one.

A go-to necklace.

Every woman should have a go-to necklace. This necklace could be the cross that your grandma gave you. Or, it can be the pearls that you splurge on when you graduated college. Whatever it is, that necklace will be the finishing touch to any outfit.

Hoop earrings

While I may not be much for hoops, hoop earrings are key to any jewelry collection. What’s awesome about hoops is that they come in all different styles — and sizes. I actually wore a pair of hoops with CZs to my prom, and they completed the outfit for sure. However, you can get more casual hoops — as they come in plain sizes in any color of metal you may prefer.

Statement piece

Sometimes, you just need to go big or go home. That’s when the statement piece comes in. For some, it may be a pair of earrings. For others such as myself, it may be a ring with solid stone. Having one or two statement pieces is important to any jewelry collection, because sometimes you need to make a statement. And, I didn’t even mention the best part. With a statement piece, you only need to wear that one piece — and you’re done.

Everyday ring

I saved the best for last — rings. For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge ring fan. I typically wear at least three every single day. So, while I may be biased, let me just say that everyone needs a ring or two that they can wear every day — whether it may be a one with a precious stone or just plain silver. And, there are so many great places to get rings — whether you want to shop local or on Etsy.

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