Season 4 Of Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle”

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When the inaugural season of “Mozart in the Jungle” aired on Amazon, the genius of creator Roman Coppola seemed indisputable. It seems entertainment of the highest quality and soul runs in the Coppola bloodline. Gael Garcia Bernal’s performance as the eccentric yet entirely lovable Maestro Rodrigo D’Souza met widespread acclaim, and the purity of the characters, music, and mission of the series captured a growing audience with each forthcoming season.

Season four of the Amazon original series went live on Prime Video last week, offering ten new episodes of orchestral loveliness. Like the past seasons, the fourth installment of “Mozart in the Jungle” involves the camaraderie of the New York Symphony, burgeoning relationships  amongst love-bitten characters, and a trip abroad to a culturally rich, inspiring location. Season one focused on New York City itself, season two found the musicians in gorgeous, exotic Mexico, and beautiful Venice left the cast inspired by Italian romanticism and energy in season three. The most recent season takes the characters to Japan for a run-in with AI symphony conductors, emotive tea-ceremonies, and an ending sure to break your heart.

Watchers of the series have particularly fallen in love with the impending romance of Rodrigo and Hailey, whose musical intelligence and passionate work ethic made them destined for an affair since the beginning. While their love story serves as an integral plot thread of the season, a running undertone of female empowerment rises to a crescendo by the final episode, executed in steady and elegant perfection.Rather than setting the women of the show at war with the men, “Mozart” allows them to realize their ambitions and aspirations in relation to one another. Hailey’s relationship with Rodrigo opens doors to conducting music that she may never have let herself entertain otherwise. Rodrigo’s time spent with Hailey anchors himself in a way that is quite new for him; he starts working through his musical demons and daring to enter into the new phase of both life and career. Gloria, director of the New York Symphony, continues her verbal sparring relationship with former conductor Thomas, proving that the two of them actually do their best work when in competition with one another. Cellist Cynthia has a subtle, yet important moment with a young drummer as she teaches him the proper way to respect a woman.In the past, “Mozart in the Jungle” has been both loved and ridiculed for its fragility, the fact that this pleasure of a series could fall to pieces at any moment. It seems, however, that life is like that. So contingent upon the little, finite aspects of it, and so ready to unravel at the sweetest bits. Yet for another season, the creators of “Mozart” have pulled quite literally composed something lovable, learnable, and hopeful to us all.

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