What Are The Right Things To Look For?

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When it comes to dating, everyone has their own preferences as to what they would want in a partner. For example, some of mine are that I wanted a partner with a good sense of humor and was taller than me. With that being said, when is it too much to have a list of set requirements for a dating partner? And, going off of that, is having a checklist going too far?

For about ten months, I went through a period of time where I wanted to date someone — but I didn’t actually want to. Sound confusing? Well, let me clarify for you.

After my last relationship, I really needed to take time away from the dating scene. However, I felt this intense pressure to date someone. Because of that pressure, I was looking for love. But, it took a lot for me to even look at someone or feel remotely interested in them.

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Part of the reason why was that I had this massive checklist of things I wanted. Some of those things? Well, let’s just say that they weren’t exactly good reasons to dismiss someone as a dating prospect.
Throughout this time, I would often sit and wonder: why was I single? Well, six months later, I finally have the answer: despite all of the looking I was doing, I subconsciously didn’t want to be in a relationship.

And, that’s okay, don’t get me wrong.

That’s why I always think that whenever someone says that they are picky about their prospects.

However, let me clarify — it’s important to be picky about who you’re dating and to know what you want in a relationship. That way, you know what things are deal breakers and what you can live with. Every person in the dating world deserves someone that makes them jump up and down and smile like an idiot, and shouldn’t settle for anything less.

With that being said, there becomes a point where you can be too judgy. And, that’s when you can overlook someone whose truly great, because he doesn’t meet a random requirement, you can miss out on someone who could be amazing to you.

Cliche, yes. However, it’s something that everyone should evaluate when they are looking for a potential partner, and when they think about the qualities they want in one.

The moral of the story? If you’re single and ready to mingle, look at your checklist of a potential partners. Keep the important ones: how he treats you, qualities he might want (honestly/sense of humor), and lose the ones about height and hair color.

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