Right Now You’re Probably Following a Korean Trend. Even If You Don’t Know It.

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K-pop. K-beauty. K-Fashion. K-dramas. As of now the entire world revolves around it: the Korea-originated trends.

As a result of the rapid and world-wide recognition of K-pop, which is carrying on its shoulders all the major Korean trends, right now you’re probably following something “made in Korea”.

It’s similar to the butterfly effect: “if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, in China starts to rain”.  Some of us call it “the Korean effect”.

If a Korean celebrity wears something, a trend in the US is likely to form as a result.

Korea is really stepping up its game putting together its well-known and loved K-pop stars with tons of color and a unique mixture of different garments and patterns. The key word is ‘unusual.’ An outfit that looks ‘mismatched’ is likely something an idol (a popular K-pop singer) would wear.

On September 23rd, EXO’s main dancer Kim Jongin departed from South Korea to attend Gucci’s Fashion Show in Paris on the 24th. At the airport he showed up carrying a bag from the women’s Fall-Winter Collection: the Tiger Head purse. Something unusual for a male idol to wear, since in Korea ‘gender roles’ are still a prominent part of the culture. However, within few hours the purse was sold out on Gucci’s official site. Jongin’s decision is one that is not only brave, it is helping break the gender stereotype in the South Korean fashion industry.

Similar to K-pop idols’ capacity to draw people and their money is the influence ‘ulzzang’ have. In Korean, ulzzang means ‘best face’ and if we have to say it in an ‘American way,’ they are quite similar to the influencers we have here in the west. Ulzzang are people who achieved fame and popularity thanks to their appearance which often consists of a doll-like face and they’re known for their fashion sense and their capacity to lead the constant change in the fashion industry. They don’t follow fashion trends, they create them.

To catch the real essence of Korean trends, you have to be willing to take risks and be bold. And if you can’t lead them, you can join us and just enjoy them! Online you can buy everything ‘made in Korea,’ from make-up to skin-care to food and of course, whole prêt-à-porter outfits matched in that unique and exquisite Korean way.

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