Returning Trends: The 90’s Comeback

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Trends by their very nature have a tendency of returning into mainstream acceptance. History does, indeed, repeat itself. Right now, the in vogue trend is the 90’s comeback. And it’s not just a simple or passing return. It’s a forceful return that permeates different levels of the cultural zeitgeist. Let’s examine a few examples:

1) Fashion

How do you know a trend is coming back? Just look at the changes in fashion. 90’s styles screamed nonconformance not in a rebellious way but more in a laid back, “I’ll put on any combination I find in the closet but still look cool” way. Bright colors, baggy fits, denim and leather everything were just a few of the signature fashion choices that are now becoming popular again. Don’t believe me? Well, New York Fashion Week oozed 90’s flare with Alexander Wang’s and Tom Ford’s collections exhibiting intense leather use, the hair styles and the return to fashion prominence of Juicy Couture staging its first-ever NYFW show.

2) Music

bruno mars 90s comeback

How epic was 90’s music across all genres? Very. To the point that it’s distinctive sounds are hard to recreate. But leave it to Bruno Mars to drop 24K Magic and then the Finesse Remix featuring Cardi B to totally bring back the 90’s vibes. From the fashion to the New Jack sound, from the In Living Color set to the dance moves, Finesse is the ultimate epitome of 90’s nostalgia that makes new fans as well as those of us who grew up with that music (and I’m dating myself now just a bit) appreciate it even more.

3) TV & Film

And now to our viewing content. Just to be sure there’s a Jumanjii movie helmed by The Rock close to earning $1 Billion, a recurring X-Files series, new Will & Grace episodes that was renewed for a second season without the first one airing, a brief Boy Meets World revival along with a Full House return and Roseanne is set to premiere in March? All this proves that 90’s shows and movies left an indelible impression that crosses over generations and are ripe for further creative exploration.

This 90’s comeback is nothing but a firm reacquaintance with a fun time that effectively balanced the old with the new. Simply put, the 90’s rocked, dude, and it continues doing so.

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