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Seldom are the cases where many aspects of the lifestyle come together seamlessly. However, one such case happened recently. After spending a season and a half away, the Miami Heat’s emblematic superstar–Dwyane Wade–returned. Flash is back home in the 3-0-5. Now, you may be asking, “Why cite such a specific, sports-related example for a Fashion Lifestyle Influencer article?” Because sports naturally lends itself to the diversified branding that touches upon all three and the Way of Wade Lifestyle is a prominent example of that.

Fashion? Dwyane Wade and fashion are practically synonymous. Since first entering the NBA, D-Wade assumed a fashion-forward style at once structured and adventurous, impeccably tailored but also stepping away from the mold. Quite honestly, D-Wade created a trend that transcended the NBA: a greater adherence to haute couture in the locker room as well as out. Sure, he wasn’t the first but undoubtedly D-Wade renewed, if not revamped, the incentive to impose a fashion standard in the NBA and sports overall.

Lifestyle? As a NBA superstar known worldwide, Dwyane Wade leverages his image towards business ventures that step away from basketball towards sponsorships and/or product offerings highly representative of fine living. By expanding on his Way of Wade brand, D-Wade devised individual partnerships where he’s not only the face or the name but also a major creative voice. Most of those ventures go back to fashion. A tie line with Tie Bar, sock line with Stance, shoe line with Li-Ning, and even a small capsule line for DSquared2. However, the ability to grow is not being sidelined in one space demonstrated by his entry into wine with D Wade Cellars.

Heat Way of Wade Lifestyle

Influencer? That goes without saying. Few athletes wield such a global following. Yes, D-Wade’s social media is full of lifestyle influencing and Miami living alongside his beautiful and talented wife, actress Gabrielle Union. Yet, as an outspoken voice for major social issues in addition to penning a book about fatherhood and giving back to the community, D-Wade knows his influence goes beyond the avid sports fan.

The overall takeaway here is clear: the Way of Wade Lifestyle sets a more than notable standard in how an athlete so representative of his chosen sport can effectively transcend into other spheres of influence tailored towards a unique style and core values. Let the #R3TURN begin…

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